Monty Don warns people about houseplants while detailing the “biggest mistake” they make.


Monty Don issues a warning about houseplants while detailing the “biggest mistake” people make.

MONTY DON has shared his knowledge on a common “mistake” made by gardeners.

Monty Don’s new series Adriatic Gardens premieres tonight on the BBC, and gardening fans will be able to see the horticulturist visit stunning landscapes across Europe.

The host of Gardeners’ World has now addressed a common problem that many people with indoor plants have experienced.

Today on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, the 60-year-old shared his top tip for preventing people from “drowning” and killing their plants.

The on-screen star opened up to host Sam Pinkham, who naturally quizzed the horticulturist on his gardening knowledge.

“You can drown a plant, can’t you?” he inquired.

“Of course,” says the narrator.

“Most house plants die as a result of being drowned,” Monty explained.

“The most common mistake people make with their house plants is overwatering them,” he continued.

“Water them no more than once a week, on average.”

Soak them in water, let them drain, and don’t water them again until they’re completely dry.”

House plants will remain healthy if the air is kept moist, according to the gardening expert.

He also gave gardeners another piece of advice to avoid “killing off” their plants.

“Just spray them with a mister,” the BBC favorite suggested.

Spray the leaves, not the root, at all times.

While gushing about Monty’s gardening advice, Sam was taken aback.

“That is an excellent suggestion.

He exclaimed, “That’s awesome.”

After admitting to “killing off” plants by watering them daily, the radio host added that Monty’s advice was “life-changing.”

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“We have two to three misters by each of our plants in our house,” the BBC star explained.

“I give them a good squirt every day so they’re dripping wet.”

“Don’t water them into a pot with a saucer sitting underneath because you don’t want to ruin the furniture, and otherwise they’ll be sitting in water,” he added.

“Drain [your house plants]completely before putting them back in the sink.”

Monty, on the other hand, used Twitter to promote his new series.

In response to his 247,000 followers, he wrote: “Banish winter and bask in the sun,.

“Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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