Monty Don warns Gardeners’ World viewers to “Wrap them!” when it comes to plants.


Monty Don warns Gardeners’ World viewers to “Wrap them!” when it comes to plants.

On Friday, MONTY DON returned to the small screen to give viewers some gardening advice. He demonstrated how to plant Knautia this week, but he came with a cautionary note.

Monty Don, a well-known gardener and star of Gardeners’ World, is adored by fans for his excellent advice on growing a variety of plants. Since 2003, the guru on all things outdoors has been a BBC regular. He has a large following of seasoned and inexperienced gardeners who seek to him for advice on how to keep their gardens healthy. Since taking over the popular show from broadcaster and gardener Alan Titchmarsh, he has become a fan favorite. The 66-year-old walked viewers through planting Knautia on Friday’s broadcast, but made it clear that, despite their strength, the flowers needed to be wrapped.

Despite the fact that September is rapidly coming, Monty wanted to demonstrate to gardeners how they can start preparing for next spring by harvesting pieces of their favorite blooms now.

He used Knautia to create a step-by-step tutorial, adding, “I want to divide this up into as many pieces as I can.”

“And then I’ll pot them up, grow them on, and plant them out next spring,” the author continued. And this time of year is ideal since there is warmth in the air and the roots still have time to develop themselves after you’ve divided it.

“The first thing you should do now is clip off all of the top growth.”

Monty demonstrated the simplest method and said, “That goes in the compost.”

He demonstrated to others viewing at home how tangled plants might be divided into individual flowers.

He explained, “The roots are interwoven.” “I can create two plants out of this if I pull my knife out and cut it.”

“I now have two nice plants, and as you can see, these finer roots are the ones I want to carefully preserve,” he explained.

Then came an important caution for individuals who were unfamiliar with the plant.

“It’s worth noting that, despite Knautia’s toughness, you don’t want to let these dry out in general.

“And if you can’t plant them right away, cover them.

“Wrap them in hessian, newspaper, plastic, or anything you have on hand.

“But, you know, get on with it.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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