Monty Don: The ‘tomato crop’ astounded fans of the gardening expert.


Monty Don: The ‘tomato crop’ astounded fans of the gardening expert.

Over the last week, MONTY DON has dazzled horticultural admirers with his spectacular tomato and cucumber production. Fans were taken aback when the gardening guru tweeted images of his fruit harvest.

Monty Don’s home is brimming with fruit, veggies, flowers, and bushes. Monty frequently shares the results of his labor with his fans on Instagram and Twitter. The gardening guru enjoys showing people around his garden, whether it’s plants in the herb garden, exquisite flowers in the jewel garden, or trees in the writing garden.

Monty posted a snapshot of his tomato harvest last week.

Gardening lovers were astounded by the photo, wondering how Monty had managed to produce such enormous, ripe tomatoes “already.”

In a green container, the image displayed a multitude of tomatoes of various shapes and sizes.

“Tomato harvest has begun,” Monty captioned the shot.

“Already!?,” one person said in response to the photo. Wow!!!”

“My tomatoes never look like that,” someone else said.

“Are these from the greenhouse?” a user inquired. In Kent, ours aren’t even close to this?”

“Wonderful!” wrote a fourth person. We have a long way to go.”

Others wondered if it was because of the “greenhouse benefits.”

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, tomatoes can be harvested from July to September.

However, it is dependent on the fruit’s kind, climatic conditions, and size.

Cherry tomatoes mature faster than regular tomatoes, and greenhouse tomatoes produce earlier than those planted outdoors.

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The larger tomatoes in Monty’s photo appear to be an old-fashioned beefsteak tomato type called “Costoluto Fiorentino,” although he doesn’t specify.

Monty posted a snapshot of his cucumber plants today.

He posted a snapshot of his greenhouse’s “indoor plants” flourishing inside.

Three or four huge, green cucumbers appear to be dangling from the pant.

Cucumber plants growing outside, on the other hand, are “much slower,” according to him.

“Plenty of cucumbers on the indoor plants,” he said in the description.

“There were a handful on the outdoor ones as well, but they were much slower.”

Fans applauded Monty on the shot, which gained a lot of attention.


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