Monty Don, host of Gardeners’ World, responds to a fan’s warning that he’s got his job cut out for him.


Monty Don, host of Gardeners’ World, responds to a fan’s warning that he’s got his job cut out for him.

After previously campaigned for the abolition of peat in garden compost, MONTY DON has taken to social media to firmly declare that he aims to help eradicate the peat industry.

Monty Don, 66, of Gardeners’ World fame, has taken to Twitter to pledge to cease peat mining and extraction after advocating for the removal of peat from garden compost for the past two decades. After a fan pointed out the vast amount of land in the UK dedicated to peat extraction, the actor stated that, despite “having his job cut out,” he is confident in his ability to help put a stop to what he previously referred to as “environmental vandalism.”

Believe me when I say that I will!

Don Monty

A user on social media used the medium to distribute a report from the National Food Strategy that showed how the UK’s land is used in a visual way.

They instantly tagged the activist in the post after being discovered by a fan of the professional gardener, noting that he still has a long way to go in his goal of abolishing the peat industry.

“The peat statistic is incredible,” they wrote. @TheMontyDon has his job cut out for him in putting an end to that industry (but I believe he will).”

According to the infographic, the biggest location for peat production is in the UK’s south west, while cattle and lamb farming takes up the majority of the country’s territory.

The star responded, expressing his confidence in his peat-eliminating efforts.

He replied, “Believe you me, I will!”

“I do believe!” wrote the fan, who had trust in the gardener.

The horticulturist signed a letter to the Environment Secretary at the end of last year pushing for a ban on peat in compost by 2025.

Peat in compost, according to the star, is “environmental vandalism,” and the extraction of the organic element “substantially contributes to the production of CO2.”

Peat bogs provide the majority of the peat used in garden compost.

However, the singer claims that extracting the chemical, which is made from the leftovers of decaying flora, causes “irreparable environmental damage.”

Despite the fact that it has been practiced for decades, heavy peat mining has negative impacts on the climate and harms ecosystems and the environment.

The singer also chastised the administration for “falling far short” of its “Brinkwire Summary News” promises.


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