Monty Don, host of Gardeners’ World, explains the most important watering guideline for container plants.


Monty Don, host of Gardeners’ World, explains the most important watering guideline for container plants.

On Gardeners’ World this evening, MONTY DON discussed the most important “law of watering.” Watering container plants at the “ideal time” of day was also revealed by the gardening expert.

This evening on BBC Two, Monty Don returned for another episode of Gardeners’ World. Monty embarked on a new gardening endeavor in Episode 19 of the 2021 series and shared some tips for watering plants in hot weather. The hot weather has been “tough” for plants, according to Monty, who has been the show’s primary host since 2003.

With more hot weather on the way, the gardening expert offered some advice on how to hydrate container plants.

“We’ve had some pretty hot weather over the last two weeks, which is great but quite demanding on plants, particularly if they’re in a container,” he stated at the start of the episode.

“As a result, they require much more frequent watering than usual.

“In fact, when it’s this hot, I do it every day.

“And, if possible, water your containers first thing in the morning before the sun rises.

“However, if you can’t get it done early in the morning, wait until the evening instead of doing it in the middle of the day.

“In a nutshell, when it’s cool. The plants will therefore absorb the moisture and be able to release it during the day without any issues.”

However, there is one important “rule” that gardeners must follow when watering their plants.

“The rule of watering is always the same – soak, don’t sprinkle,” he added.

Watering straight into the soil or compost roots allows the roots to penetrate deeper and more quickly locate moisture.

Monty also recommended that you water until liquid is flowing out of the container’s bottom.

“Finally, simply because you’re watering every day, you don’t need to feed any more than usual,” he concluded.

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“Even if it’s scorching hot outside, these plants will grow strong and healthy.”

Monty also offered suggestions for planting east and west-facing borders.

While harvesting his summer crops, he started sowing seeds for autumn fruit and vegetables.

Sue Kent, on the other hand, visited Aberglasney Gardens in Wales, where she found inspiration for her own garden.

Nick Bailey, who was also on the show, went to Scotland to look into a. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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