Monty Don discusses the ‘best approach’ to keep weeds at bay – and it’s ‘much easier’.


Monty Don discusses the ‘best approach’ to keep weeds at bay – and it’s ‘much easier’.

Monty Don, host of GARDENERS’ WORLD, has revealed the “greatest approach” to keep weeds at bay, but warns that using the hack in wet weather is “pointless.”

Monty Don, a gardening guru, has revealed the “secret” to weed control. Every gardener will encounter weeds at some point, and most people have their own weed-control strategies. Hand weeding is a common gardening technique, but it may be time-consuming and exhausting.

Monty suggests utilizing a hoe if you’re seeking for a new way.

Monty demonstrated how to handle a garden hoe successfully in a video for Gardeners’ World.

He gave advice on hoe sharpening and how often to use it, as well as when the best time is to hoe your garden.

“When the weather is beautiful and dry like this, it’s the ideal time to hoe,” Monty explained.

“I believe that hoeing the vegetable garden is the best approach to keep weeds at bay.

“Here’s a tip: sharpen your hoe.

“I use this sharpener to keep my secateurs in good shape.

“If you consider a hoe to be a blade.

“All you’re doing is chopping down the plants.

“Just make sure that [the hoe]stays sharp.

“You’ll make your job a lot easier and more effective.”

The “key” of hoeing, according to Monty, is to work “lightly” just beneath the soil’s surface.

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“Cutting off the plants and leaving them on the surface to dry in the sun,” he said.

“Which is why hoeing in rainy weather is worthless because the plants won’t die and there’s a good probability they’ll re-root.

“If you hoe little and often, you’ll keep the weeds at bay.”

You can remain on top of undesired weeds with hoes while avoiding disturbing the underlying roots.

A hoe can also be used to remove any leaves that have gotten lodged in neat boundaries.

The pricing, materials, length, and blade shape of garden hoes can all vary.

You can use a Dutch hoe with teeth if your weeds are stubborn.

This will allow you to pull weeds from more difficult patches.


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