Monty Don criticizes allegations of a “privileged position” while describing the cricket season as a “disaster.”


Monty Don criticizes allegations of a “privileged position” while describing the cricket season as a “disaster.”

MONTY DON has retaliated after one of his Twitter followers stated he is in a “privileged position” because he admitted to favoring the “longer form” of cricket over the “shorter form,” which he described as a “disaster.”

Monty Don, 66, has called the current cricket season a “disaster” because he believes test matches have been “interrupted” by the Twenty20 cricket tournament. However, not all of his Twitter followers agreed, with one claiming that cricket fans must be in a “privileged position” or “retired” to be able to watch longer games.

Instead, they commended Twenty20 for allowing individuals who can only watch live cricket after work or on weekends to enjoy the games.

“The current cricket season is a disaster,” Monty wrote yesterday.

“All white-ball cricket is a fun sideshow that should never take precedence over the longer form,” he said. “Would it be a good idea to stop the football Euros for 8 weeks of 5 a side, or the rugby 6 Nations for 2 months of 7 a side?” he wondered.

“One has to be in a relatively privileged position (or retired) to be able to follow the longer game ball by ball,” the follower commented.

“T20 appeals to individuals who can only attend live cricket after work or on weekends, and clearly that’s a good thing,” Monty emphasized, explaining that “nobody” has time to follow a five-day test match ball by ball, and that he likes to watch when he can.

“Hardly anyone follows a 5 day test ball by ball,” the gardening expert said, “but the beauty of the format is you can dip in and out, following the twists and turns as they unfold across the days.” Others agreed with the Gardeners’ World host, recalling how people used to be able to make time to watch cricket.

“What a shame ‘don’t have the time,’” one person said. Making time used to be feasible. This has more to do with the money that has entered the game recently, as well as a mentality that sound bite cricket would suffice. “Had this exact chat with my father today,” a second said. It’s all over the place, completely perplexing, and I have no idea.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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