Monty Don admits that his family’s Christmas did not go as planned.


‘Had a run-in with Covid,’ Monty Don admits that his family’s Christmas did not go as planned.

MONTY DON has admitted in a new interview that a brush with Covid disrupted his family’s Christmas plans.

Monty Don, 66, has been the host of BBC’s Gardeners’ World since 2003, establishing a solid reputation in the gardening world.

In a new interview, the horticulturist talked about the difficulties he had with his family this Christmas as a result of a “brush with Covid.”

It was, after all, quiet.

Don Monty

Monty put a smile on the faces of his Twitter followers this Christmas when he posted a photo of his Yorkshire Terrier surrounded by Christmas wrapping.

However, in an interview with Zoe Ball on Radio 2 this morning, the gardener admitted that his family’s Christmas did not go as planned.

“Happy new year, Monty,” Zoe said to the gardener. “How was the holiday season for you and your family?”

“Well, it was quiet,” Monty remarked.

“We, like I’m sure many other families, had our run-in with Covid.

“Not directly, but it meant that all plans had to be rearranged at the last minute, and as you know, people couldn’t go either way.”

“However, we had a fantastic time.”

Monty has been candid about his Covid vaccination process on Twitter, stating that his booster is scheduled for December 21.

“Got my booster jab this afternoon,” the star wrote to his 245,600 fans.

“I had to wait over three weeks for the appointment, but it was completed quickly, professionally, and cheerfully despite what must have been overwhelming exhaustion and stress.”

“Thank you so much.

For the record, there are no side effects from the booster, so don’t let that deter you from trying it.”

By December of last year, a record 25 million people in the UK had received their booster, with the number growing daily.

The horticulturist posted a photo of his Yorkie wrapped in wrapping paper to wish in his “covid” Christmas.

“Happy Christmas to one and all!” he wrote in the caption.

Fans of Gardeners’ World flocked to the comments section to wish the gardener a happy holiday season and make jokes about his dog.

“Merry Christmas to you and your family,” SteveSomewhere commented.

“Thank you for all of the pleasure and comfort you and the GW team have brought us during these trying times.”

“Ahhh, such a sweet photo,” AlixTraynor2 continued.

“I’m hoping Santa brought her plenty of nutritious treats.”

“Happy Christmas to,” Pbassett99 said.

“Brinkwire News Summary.”

Well, it was quiet.

Monty Don


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