Moments before the ‘parking feud’ murder, a mother has an explosive row with a neighbor.


Moments before the ‘parking feud’ murder, mum has an explosive row with her neighbor.

Just days before her brutal murder, Jennifer Chapple was confronted by a man who accused her of “f***ing gobbing off” and called her a “f*****g c****,” according to doorbell camera footage.

The chilling moment a murder victim mother-of-two was verbally abused by a neighbor just days before she and her husband were brutally murdered is captured on harrowing doorbell cam footage.

After an alleged parking feud in Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset, Jennifer Chapple, 33, and her husband Stephen, 36, were stabbed inside their home while their children slept.

Two men, ages 34 and 67, were arrested on suspicion of murder after the couple was pronounced dead at the scene on Sunday evening.

Following the attack, footage from the couple’s Ring doorbell camera surfaced, revealing Jennifer’s argument with a neighbor just days before the attack.

The Sun obtained black and white footage of the garden centre coffee shop employee returning home shortly after 5 p.m. and walking towards her front door.

As she reaches for the doorknob, she is confronted in the dark by a man who accuses her of “f***ing gobbing off” and calls her a “cheeky little b***h.”

“She’s the one who started it, so f*** off,” Jennifer says as she turns to face him.

“What’s that, you f***ing c***? You fat b****…you f***ing dirty…” yells the man back.

The mother-of-two later sent the disturbing video to a friend, which shows the man spouting expletives before she walks into the house and he continues to swear.

“Don’t let the ugly in others kill the beauty in you,” Jennifer wrote in a separate Facebook post in February, describing herself as a “lovely, kind-hearted lady.”

Because of “previous police contact with those involved,” Avon and Somerset Police said the incident on the Dragon Rise estate would be reported to the policing watchdog.

“There have been previous incidents,” Chief Inspector Justin French said.

In the past, there have been callouts.”

After the couple was killed while their children slept upstairs, tributes poured in for them.

Jennifer “was a well-liked member of staff and a very kind person,” according to Rob Brooks, manager of the Otter Garden Centre where she worked.

Mr Chapple was a computing teacher at Minehead’s West Somerset College.

Police stood guard near the property on a new build estate as floral tributes were laid at the scene.

Other officers checked drains and combed through nearby gardens.

One of the bunches had a note attached to it.

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