Model has a nervous breakdown while wearing a ‘unreal’ bikini with a matching G-string.


Model has a nervous breakdown while wearing a ‘unreal’ bikini with a matching G-string.

Mum-of-two Tammy Hembrow of Australia stunned her Instagram followers by wearing a teeny-tiny bikini. On Instagram, the model has 13.4 million followers. With her recent Instagram images, a model has had followers hot under the collar.

Tammy Hembrow has over 13.4 million Instagram followers, and if you follow her, you’ll understand why.

The Gold Coast, Australia-based mother of two is no stranger to flaunting her body on social media.

When she’s not offering exercise suggestions, the influencer flaunts her gym-sculpted physique.

And in her most recent upload, the 27-year-old stunned followers by stripping down to a colorful bikini.

She paired the outfit, which revealed a lot of underboob, with similar G-string pants that flaunted her famed booty.

“I’m happiest in the sun,” she wrote in the post.

She was photographed wearing a matching bikini outfit and flaunting her washboard abs.

The mother posed honestly, dazzling viewers with her sun-kissed radiance and toned bottom.

As the post garnered up hundreds of likes in less than a day, fans hurried to comment.

Do you want to receive all of the latest Lifestyle news in your inbox? Subscribe to the Brinkwire Hot Topics email for free. “Just wow,” one Instagram user remarked, while another concurred, adding, “Simply unreal.” “Wasn’t even ready for that second slide,” a third social media user said. “Mad inspirational,” commented in a fourth admirer. The bikini model recently perplexed Instagram followers by wearing a breast top and “nappy” trousers.

She wore a leather bag, trousers, and black heels with the long-sleeve breast top.

The picture received hundreds of likes and comments at the time it was shared, with one commenter commenting, “Beauty darling.”

Another Instagram lover exclaimed, “These jeans are life,” while a third gushed, “Oh my, the pants (flames emoji).”

The jeans, on the other hand, piqued the interest of several followers, with one stating they resembled a “nappy.”


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