MLB The Show 21 on PlayStation lets you play at the Field of Dreams for free.


MLB The Show 21 on PlayStation lets you play at the Field of Dreams for free.

This week, Sony releases a major update for MLB THE SHOW 21, bringing a historic stadium to the popular baseball game on PS4 and PS5.

Fans of the legendary 1980s baseball film Field of Dreams will be able to live out their sporting ambitions this week when the movie’s stadium joins MLB The Show 21.

Field of Dreams is an Oscar-nominated fantasy film starring Kevin Costner, in case you haven’t watched it. Ray Kinsella, played by Kevin Costner, is pushed to build a ballpark in his Iowa cornfield.

If you like the movie, you’ll be happy to know that the baseball field will be included in MLB The Show 21 as part of a free PS5 and PS4 upgrade.

The Field of Dreams update will be available on PlayStation systems starting August 10th.

While no official launch date has been set, the DLC is expected to arrive in the afternoon.

According to a recent article on the PlayStation Blog, a week of live content will be added to the Field of Dreams stadium.

The game is also on sale, with the PS4 version costing £33.49 and the PS5 version costing £42.59.

“As the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox take the field in the cornfields of Iowa this week, you can take the field with this update and live out your dreams,” the post says.

“To correctly duplicate this one-of-a-kind field, the team at San Diego Studio worked closely with the field architects and MLB.

“We are dedicating a whole week of live programming to Field of Dreams, not just adding this historic venue to MLB The Show 21.”

The development team started by examining the stadium’s unique features, such as the corn surrounding the diamond.

“Recreating the Field of Dreams was no easy assignment for us, and as a result, we had to be extremely flexible in our construction approach.

“We started by making a list of all the components in the stadium that would be unique and emblematic of this famous location, such as the corn.

“We were able to begin planning the locations of the light structures, seating areas, and overall surroundings. The field dimensions are one of the more technically relevant aspects of a stadium. This render was a nice start, but it lacked the necessary information to construct a complete “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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