Millions of Britons believe that personal actions will have little impact on climate change.


Millions of Britons believe that personal actions will have no impact on global warming.

Over a third of Britons believe global warming is the most serious problem facing the world today, but nearly half believe they are unable to mitigate their impact.

According to a study, millions of Britons believe their individual actions will have no impact on climate change.

More than a third (35%) believe that global warming is the most pressing issue facing the world today, ahead of the Covid pandemic (18%) and poverty (15%).

However, while 80 percent of people “care” about environmental issues, only 46% believe they are equipped to reduce their impact.

Even if they did, one out of every ten adults polled believes their actions will have no impact.

It was also discovered that 30% of people do not believe politicians are concerned enough about climate change to implement and vote for legislation to address the issue.

“It’s clear that big businesses and the government need to take the issue of climate change more seriously,” said Hannah Rouch, of Gumtree UK, which commissioned the research to launch its “Waste-less Winter” campaign.

“When people see pollution and waste on such a large scale, it can be difficult to see how your personal efforts will make a difference, so they look to large corporations to set an example.”

“However, it’s also important to recognize that all actions, no matter how small, can make a difference – if millions of people join together to do the same thing, it quickly becomes a big action.”

Nearly half of those polled (51%) say recent events like COP26 and the launch of the Government’s Net Zero Strategy have prompted them to think more seriously about environmental and climate issues.

However, one-seventh of respondents (14%) said the opposite is true, and nearly one-tenth said they had no idea what COP26 was.

Deforestation is cited by 38 percent of those polled as the leading cause of environmental and climate problems, followed by plastic pollution (35%), and fossil fuel use (35%).

However, 28% believe the climate crisis is caused by consumerism and people buying too many things.

As a result, according to OnePoll, 61 percent of those polled are concerned about overconsumption this holiday season.

Despite this, only 41% plan to combat their own overconsumption by making a list of the gifts they need to buy and setting a spending limit.

And 79% plan to buy something new this holiday season, either for themselves or for someone else.

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