Miley Cyrus reveals that every night she says goodbye to herself,


Miley Cyrus has already enjoyed a stellar career at the young age of 28.

Thanks to her hit Disney Channel series “Plastic Hearts” the “Hannah Montana.” artist became a celebrity.

The show followed a regular teenage girl coping with the struggles of growing up as an international pop star while living a double life.

It was her singing that captivated viewers across the globe when Cyrus made her debut as an actress. The “Midnight Sky” singer was, of course, predestined to sing, having naturally inherited her singing talent. Her father and Hannah Montana’s co-star, Billy Ray Cyrus, is also known for his country-style musical talents.

Sporting a blonde wig, Miley demonstrated that during her time on Hannah Montana, her distinctive timbre and vocal range could rival her father’s as she belted out songs like “Rockstar” and “Best of Both Worlds”

Miley Cyrus’ presence has at times overshadowed her music.

Miley continued to expand her fan base after her time at Disney was over by releasing songs like “Can’t Be Tamed,” “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball.” Over time, not just for her musical talents, but also for her over-the-top appearances and performances, Miley became known. To us, it seemed like the artist from Plastic Hearts was constantly doing stuff for shock value. Whether she was twerking at the VMAs or turning up half-naked at award shows, no matter what choices she made, the singer continued to make headlines.

Miley Cyrus wonders whether an album shows her divorce from Liam Hemsworth

Of course, Miley’s choices are also what make her such a divisive and polarizing figure.

The singer has also been accused of not being truthful by critics because what she does today could directly contradict what she is doing tomorrow.

However, in a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Miley revealed that she’s not as fickle as some people would say. The singer instead shared that her intensely empathetic disposition makes her sensitive to continuous change, which in turn influences her actions and the way she communicates with the world. Miley says it’s sad to be changed so constantly, but she’s been able to embrace it on her own.

Why does the ‘Plastic Hearts’ singer say goodbye every night to herself?

“I’m not the person I was yesterday,”I’m not the person that I was yesterday. With Stevie Nicks [referring to a song they recorded for her album ‘Plastic Hearts’]on the phone last night, that changed me forever.

All changes me forever. In a way that I say goodbye to myself every night before I go to sleep, I’ll never be who I was yesterday, because that person is gone.

Often it’s sad because I’m changing very quickly because I’m very receptive, and I’ve had to take stock of what I own as mine lately, what’s not mine.

It is definitely fascinating that the personality of Miley is so rapidly evolving.

But when you look at the work she has published over the years, what she mentions makes sense.

Plastic Hearts and Younger Today, for example, do not really sound as if they may have come from the same artist.

And they don’t, in a way.

After all, years before she became the Miley that wrote “Malibu” Miley said goodbye to the version of herself that wrote “Never Be Me.”


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