Miley Cyrus likes to purchase sex toys, but doesn’t use them the way you would expect.


Miley Cyrus does everything that makes her happy, and it turns out that one of the items that puts a smile to her face is buying sex toys.

The singer spoke about her passion for intimate accessories in a recent interview, which she not only purchases for herself, but also uses for a not-so-NSFW reason.

Miley Cyrus likes to use sex toys to decorate her house.

Some people want to fill their homes with fresh-smelling candles, sweet accent pillows, or even a stunning family picture when it comes to home décor.

But in the case of Cyrus, she likes to take a different direction to make a place feel like home.

The “Slide Away” artist, speaking to Sirius XM’s Barstool Radio, revealed that plain and simple is not the style she uses to decorate her house.

DRESS REHEARSAL I have a TOMORROW show! Celebration @NYRE! Do not miss out on ABC at 8/7c. #RockinEve Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) December 30, 2020 Miley Cyrus admits that every single night she says ‘goodbye’ to herself.

“I like sex toys. I buy them for myself, but I end up using them for interior design,” she said. “Sex and interior design actually go hand in hand.”

While the disclosure of the singer may come to some as a shock, it’s not the first time she’s spoken about using adult toys as home decor.

On the Call Her Daddy podcast in August, the former Disney Channel singer described how she decorates her home with vibrators.

She said, “I buy a dildo, and [for]more than its service – I don’t really want to get in there with it because I love how it looks on my table,” “I like vibrators, but I like the aesthetic more than anything.”

When it comes to her sex life, Miley Cyrus is not timid.

For Cyrus, talking frankly about such a personal subject is nothing new.

In an interview with Howard Stern back in December, the singer disclosed that she had made her sex life virtual.

The Hannah Montana star revealed that she did not meet regularly in person because of the continuing coronavirus pandemic. Via video calls, however, she has preserved her sex life remotely. Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) January 3, 2021 Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) January 3, 2021 Miley Cyrus Said Making This Music Icon Hate on Her Is ‘Always a Compliment’

“I do a lot of FaceTime sex – it’s the safest sex. I don’t get COVID,”I do a lot of FaceTime sex – it’s the safest sex. I don’t get COVID. “I’m definitely not going to do anything that’s irresponsible for myself or for other people … it’s just ridiculous for anyone not to take the proper precautions to protect each other. It’s f*cked up.”

Cyrus has lived a single life since her separation from singer Cody Simpson. She is also open to being in a relationship again, though, and also told the star that she doesn’t care whether she is with a guy or a woman for the next romance she gets into.

“I love people, I love who I love, I’ve had relationships with all genders and I’m down,” she explained. “Right now I’m kind of in the mood for some D, but I’m up for anything, honestly.”

As is the case with Miley Cyrus, she still says it the way it is!


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