Mike’s’sweet concern’ is shown in Zara Tindall’s £200k engagement ring.


Mike’s’sweet concern’ is shown in Zara Tindall’s £200k engagement ring.

In 2010, ZARA TINDALL became engaged to Mike Tindall. What kind of ring does she have on her finger?

Zara Tindall, the only daughter of Princess Anne and the eldest daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, is frequently seen out and about with her husband Mike, despite the fact that she is not a working member of the Royal Family.

The couple is reported to have met in 2003 while Zara was attending a Rugby World Cup match.

Mike proposed to Zara after they had been together for seven years, and the proposal is reported to have taken place at their Gloucestershire home.

The pair married in Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh in 2011 and have three children since then.

Senior members of the Royal Family, including the Queen, were present during the wedding ceremony.

Zara donned a magnificent diamond tiara that belonged to her mother, Princess Anne, for her special day.

It was estimated to cost up to £4 million and had a cut-out design.

Zara wears her engagement ring alongside her wedding band, but how does she feel about it?

The Managing Director of jewelers William May Nick Withington spoke to This website about her magnificent ring.

“Zara’s diamond engagement ring is a wonderful example of a’modern’ diamond engagement ring,” he remarked. A single diamond set in a gold band was the ‘original’ diamond engagement ring style.

“This example has the added bonus of diamonds put in the shoulders for further glitter and dazzle, as well as allowing the design to continue beyond the focal diamond.

“These ring designs appear much better when set in a white metal like white gold or platinum.

“Zara’s ring has a huge centre diamond weighing up to 2.00 carats and diamonds weighing up to 0.50 carats in the shoulders.

“While a ring comparable to Zara’s can cost up to £100,000, when you throw in a reputable jewelry designer and the fact that Zara’s engagement ring is now an official royal piece, the value can easily quadruple!

“While most couples may not be able to afford such a large diamond to set their engagement ring off, adding a halo of diamonds to a smaller central diamond will definitely give that ‘royal’ look for less,” the expert said. Halo rings are “very popular” as an alternative to the traditional single stone diamond ring, according to the expert.

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