Mike Meginness, the star of “My 600-lb Life,” what is his current weight?


Mike Meginness, the star of “My 600-lb Life,” what is his current weight?

Dr. Now was optimistic and happy with Mike’s weight-loss efforts despite the fact that he was 300 pounds away from his desired weight.

Mike Meginness, a 37-year-old from Ohio, was willing to go to any length to reduce weight and improve his health so he could be more active in his children’s lives. But for one Ohio guy, who weighed a whopping 745.7 pounds when he was first weighed at Dr. Now’s office, it’s easier said than done. Mike managed to not only drop weight and get cleared for surgery despite the numerous difficulties and challenges thrown his way, but he is also continuing his health and wellness journey even after the filming was completed.

If you’re curious what happened to Mike following his appearance on ‘My 600-lb Life,’ and what hurdles he faced on his way to his goal weight of 250 pounds, keep reading. Let’s take a look at what pushed Mike down the rabbit hole of melancholy and binge-eating, which finally led to him gaining weight, before we get into the current status of Mike. Mike confessed in his introduction that he had always been a huge kid who ate a lot more than his four siblings. He began gaining weight at a young age, weighing 102 pounds at the age of six. When he was in high school, he took advantage of his large frame by focusing almost entirely on football. Mike’s weight continued to rise despite playing football and remaining physically active, and his classmates began to tease him about it. He compensated by eating, trapping him in a vicious loop of eating, acquiring weight, being bullied, and then eating to cope with bullying once more.

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What happened to Bianca Hayes? The star of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ whose food addiction nearly killed her, has received an update. On ‘My 600lb Life,’ the most remarkable weight-loss transformations have been seen. Mike weighed 315 pounds by the time he was 18. When he was awarded a full college scholarship, things began to look up for him. He was ecstatic about it and had a great time in college before it all came crashing down. He began to suffer from concussions, and after a few, his physicians informed him that he could no longer play football. Michael, who regarded football to be his life, was devastated. Mike gained 150 pounds in less than a year after being informed he couldn’t play football anymore. Michael’s situation worsened as he resorted to eating to cope with his sadness and lack of. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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