Mick Jagger was ‘right hooked’ by Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts over an insult.


Mick Jagger was ‘right hooked’ by Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts over an insult.

Charlie Watts, drummer for the Rolling Stones, died last week, leaving behind an enduring legacy. Although the artist was known for his great drumming abilities, he was also known for once slapping Mick Jagger in 1984.

Watts died at the age of 80 this week, according to reports. The renowned Rolling Stones member had been a member of the band since 1963, when he replaced Tony Chapman, who had left the previous year. Despite the fact that the star stayed in the band until his death, he wasn’t always pleased with how things were going. The account of how the band was considering whether or not to split up was described in Keith Richards’ 2010 autobiography Life. “None of this should matter to you since you’re only my drummer,” Mick Jagger said Watts, according to the account.

Watts was clearly enraged by this episode, as Jagger later exploited it to torment him.

After a night out in Amsterdam in 1984, Jagger, who was dressed in Richards’ jacket, was looking for a way to cause problems.

“We arrived back to the hotel around five a.m. and Mick called up Charlie,” Richards wrote. ‘Don’t phone him at this hour,’ I urged. He did, however, and asked, “Where’s my drummer?” There was no response. He hangs up the phone.”

However, the story didn’t finish there. Watts showered, prepared himself, and put on his best suit behind the scenes before heading down the hall to Jagger’s room.

“Mick and I were still sitting there, quite [drunk]…,” Richards added. When the doorbell rang around twenty minutes later, there was a knock. Charlie Watts was there.

“Savile Row suit, nicely dressed, tie, shaven, the whole f*****g f*****g f*****g f*****g f*****g f*****g f*****g f*****g f*****g f I could detect the scent of perfume!

“When I opened the door, he didn’t even glance at me; he walked right past me, grabbed Mick, and told him, ‘Never call me your drummer again.’

“Then he dragged him up by my jacket lapels and gave him a right hook.”

Fortunately, it appears that Richards’ jacket was the only item that saved Jagger’s life.

Richards realized Jagger had slid into a platter of smoked salmon in his own wedding jacket after falling backwards from the tremendous punch, before tumbling towards an open window into a river below.

“I was thinking, this is a good [punch], and then I realized it.”Brinkwire Summary News,” Richards continued.


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