Michelle Keegan’s Firework identity has rumbled The Masked Singer fans after a major clue.


Michelle Keegan’s Firework identity has rumbled The Masked Singer fans after a major clue.

The Masked Singer is back in full swing, and fans believe they’ve cracked Firework after spotting some strange clues. Judge Mo Gilligan, like many others, guessed Michelle Keegan as the winner.

The Masked Singer has returned for 2022, and fans have already flooded social media with a plethora of theories, the most recent of which concerns Firework.

After spotting some clues that match up with former Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan, ITV viewers are convinced they’ve figured out the character’s identity.

“Michelle Keegan did sex on fire on lip sync battle and beat 900 other people to get the role of Tina in Corrie! It’s Michelle!!” wrote one fan of the singing show on Twitter.

“Michelle Keegan’s Wikipedia page claims she beat 900 people for the role of Tina,” another added.

MaskedSingerUK… (hashtag)

“I’ve been sucked in.”

“Firework is 100% Michelle Keegan, she worked on a make-up counter, and she beat 900 people for her job on Corrie,” wrote a third.

Yes, the b***hs (hashtag)MaskedSingerUK”

“@michkeegan great performance tonight!! (hashtag)MaskedSingerUK Fireworks,” wrote a fourth person.

And congratulations on beating out 900 other people for the role on Corrie.”

“MaskedSingerUK Michelle Keegan beat 900 people auditioning for Corrie,” another said.

Mo, the Masked Singer judge, also said that Firework was difficult for him because he thought he heard a northern accent in the video that he didn’t hear during the song.

However, he ultimately chose Melanie Sykes, and after the final clue, he speculated that it could be Michelle Keegan.

The mystery contestant also revealed a new set of clues that wowed the audience.

They said in their VT before going on stage that they made an impression with their outfit.

Other fans rushed to their computers to speculate that Firework could be Geri Horner of the Spice Girls.

“Geri Horner? (hashtag)firework She made an impression with her Union Jack dress (hashtag)MaskedSinger,” one Twitter follower wrote.

“Geri Halliwell firework,” said another.

“Firework could be Geri,” said a third poster.

“I’ve always been a pocket rocket, a total bundle of energy, but that’s just my style,” Firework said during the show last weekend.

“Perhaps it’s because fireworks are made to make people happy.”

On the shelf was shown in the video a wooden human model and a dog figurine.

In a final clue, they stated, “I light up the street with a different kind of flash.”

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