Michelle Hardwick of Emmerdale responds to a homophobic Instagram user by saying, “I dare you!”


Michelle Hardwick of Emmerdale responds to a homophobic Instagram user by saying, “I dare you!”

MICHELLE HARDWICK has resorted to social media to share her experiences with homophobic abuse.

Michelle Hardwick, who stars in Emmerdale, has resorted to social media to reveal the horrifying homophobic abuse she has received online. The 42-year-old is married to Kate Brooks, the ITV show’s producer, and they have a one-year-old son Teddy, whom they conceived through IVF two years after marrying in America. However, the actress, who portrays Lizzie Hopkirk on the drama, has horrified fans by exposing some of the most heinous homophobic remarks she’s received.

Come on, show us your true colors… I challenge you!

Michelle Hardwick is a writer and actress.

Given her 110,600 followers, the actress brought up some of the heinous abuse she has received.

The actress shared screenshots of messages in which one troll called her a “de” and a “l*o.”

“Come on, show us who you really are…,” she wrote, challenging them to unveil themselves. I challenge you!”

“Hi ‘Michael,’ the original Prisoner Cell Block H called from 1985 – they’d really like their insults back,” Kate said in response to her wife’s post. “Many thanks.”

Michellle’s Emmerdale co-star Lisa Riley, who portrays Mandy Dingle, didn’t hesitate to defend her buddy in the comments.

“This enrages me beyond words…,” she added. Toxic, disgusting, and rotten… What do they hope to achieve?

She fumed, “Other than being despised in today’s world, this is just not acceptable at all!!!”

Laura Norton, who stars in Emmerdale, added, “Vile bile.” Coward. It makes my blood boil.

The Kerry Wyatt actress wrote, “Love you. X.”

Fans of the actress expressed their outrage at the homophobic abuse she was experiencing.

“How bl**dy awful,” one person wrote. I’m very sorry you’re getting this kind of treatment; I’m sending love xx.”

“Oh my my, this is awful,” one person said. “Lots of love and support to you and your beautiful family, Michelle.”

“I’m sorry you’re getting harsh comments Because you’re an inspiration to the community,” a third wrote.

Following her fans’ and the LGBT community’s outpouring of love for her, the actress thanked her fans for their support.

“Overwhelmed by all your amazing supporting messages,” she wrote.

“I don’t take it seriously; I simply like to bring it up now and then.”

“Thank you to everyone who took the time to message me, whether I knew them or not.”Brinkwire Summary News,” she wrote.


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