Michael McIntyre describes a tense encounter with an Amazon delivery man as “a low moment.”


Michael McIntyre describes a tense encounter with an Amazon delivery man as “a low moment.”

MICHAEL MCINTYRE has spoken about a “low point” in his life, which included an “awkward” encounter with an Amazon delivery driver.

In scenes set to air tonight on The Johnathan Ross Show, Michael McIntyre discussed one of his many “low moments.”

One of them involves a tense encounter with an Amazon delivery person.

So I walked straight past him and began posing behind him after opening the door.

He walked away, ignoring me and snapping a photo of the box.

Michael McIntyre is a Canadian actor who has appeared in a number of

The 45-year-old recalled the awkwardness of being a well-known figure who expected people to notice them all of the time.

“Amazon was doing the thing where they had to take a picture with the door open,” he explained.

“‘I need to take a picture,’ he said.

“I thought to myself, ‘That’s a rude way of requesting a selfie, but it’s been so long.'”

“So I walked through the door, straight past him, and began posing behind him.”

He brushed me aside, snapped a photo of the box, and walked away.

“It was one of many low points,” he added.

Michael went on to describe a number of other interesting and amusing everyday experiences that he has on a daily basis.

One of these tales included an anecdote about obnoxious neighbors and the unwitting role that host Jonathan played.

“Every Friday night after the completion of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, (the neighbors) would have sex with each other,” he said.

Our walls were extremely thin.

“I could tell they were watching the same thing as me.”

They’d turn on the TV after it had gone off.

“No other day of the week… only Friday night, as soon as your show was over!”

Michael also discussed his life as a celebrity, saying that while he appreciates the gift of fame, he wasn’t pleased with the lack of attention he received during the lockdown.

His family, he added, does not find him amusing.

He stated that their opinions on his comedy and humour fluctuate on a regular basis.

“This is something I learned when we lived together so intensely,” the comedian said.

“One day they were really giggling, and I was doing impressions, and it felt like I was back at The O2.

“I then stopped making jokes, but they continued to laugh… something’s wrong here.”

“Through the laughter tears,.

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