Michael Landon Melissa Gilbert den Spitznamen “Half-Pint” gab den Spitznamen “Little House on the Prairie”: Warum


Melissa Gilbert’s first opportunity at a leading position was Little House on the Prairie.

During the 9 seasons of the series, the former child star played Laura Ingalls.

At the beginning of the season, Charles “Pa” Ingalls (Michael Landon), the father of Laura, called her “Half-Pint.”

Gilbert recently shared how the name “half-pint.” came up with Landon. She also shared why, decades later, she favored the nickname.

Around Michael Landon, Melissa Gilbert “immediately felt safe”.

Gilbert was 9 years old when she auditioned for the part of Laura in “Little House on the Prairie,”

In the series, the function was to be one of the central characters.

The real Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote books for children which inspired the series.

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“While her parents worked in the film industry, before she booked “Little House on the Prairie,” Gilbert was an inspiring actress. Gilbert revealed what it was like to meet Landon for the first time in an interview with Closer Weekly.

Before Little House on the Prairie, Landon played the part of Little Joe Cartwright on Bonanza.

“I had never seen Bonanza,” confessed Gilbert. “But I walked into the audition room and he smiled at me. I thought, ‘Oh, he’s a star.’ I could literally feel that this man was different. I just immediately felt safe and comfortable.”

Michael Landon gave the nickname ‘Half-Pint’ to Melissa Gilbert.

Landon became very close to his television family when development began on’ Little House on the Prairie.’

Gilbert said Landon told her during the first day of shooting that she wanted a nickname.

Landon had already assigned her own pet name to Gilbert’s on-screen girlfriend, Melissa Sue Anderson, by that time. Gilbert shared that she had a name in mind already.

“‘So, what’s your nickname? What should we call you?'” said Gilbert, quoting Landon. “And I said, ‘Well, how about Moesha?’ He looked at me and laughed and said, ‘Moesha? Where did you hear that name?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.'”

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Landon suggested that she try a different nickname on set, Gilbert said.

The ‘Highway to Heaven’ star clarified that, in Jewish culture, the word meant something different.

“Honey, Moesha is an old Jewish man’s name,” said Landon. “We’ll just call you ‘Half-Pint.'”

It’s liked by Melissa Gilbert when fans mark her ‘Half-Pint’

The nickname of Landon for Gilbert resonated with viewers of “Little House on the Prairie.” Pa Ingalls called Laura “Half-Pint” on the show because, referring to her height, the 9-year-old was his “little half pint of cider, half drunk,”

“#mood #halfpint #feistygirl pic.twitter.com/x2hFyXMyXh- Melissa Gilbert (@MEGBusfield) October 2, 2018 “Little House on the Prairie”: 1st star who joins the reboot with “no shame

As the series progressed, as much as they referred to her as Laura, fans called Gilbert “half-ass”. She never tires of hearing her famous nickname when people remember her, Gilbert says. She also shared that the nickname is still used by former cast and crew members of ‘Little House on the Prairie’.

“There’s a whole group of people I worked with so many years ago who just call me Half-a Pint,”There’s whole group of people with whom I worked so many years ago who just call me Half-Pint. “And that’s totally fine with me.”


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