Mia Cherise Hall, nicknamed Fern, was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome while filming ‘Alter Ego.’


Mia Cherise Hall stated that winning the show ‘Alter Ego’ would be a ‘love letter’ to people with Tourette syndrome

If ‘Alter Ego’ has proved anything so far, it would have to be that it is a stage open to everyone who is passionate about singing and focuses on just that. The show allows performers to get creative with their avatars, allowing them to unite their singing talent with their onstage persona. It is all about striking the right balance and letting go of your inhibitions.

With Alanis Morissette, Nick Lachey, Grimes and will.i.am as the judges of the show; they are looking for the next digital superstar who can wow the audience with their talent and stage presence as well. Mia Cherise Hall and her alter ego, Fern left them thoroughly impressed — here’s why.

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For 18-year-old Mia Cherise Hall from Rochester, New York, singing on stage often leads her to be judged. Hall has Tourette syndrome and was recently diagnosed with it. For those of you wondering, Tourette syndrome is a nervous system disorder that causes a person to make repetitive movements or unwanted sounds, often known as tics. These actions are involuntary. For Hall, her tics show up as squeaking and head movements. Performing live causes people to focus more on her tics than on her singing voice.

Seeing that she describes herself as a meek person, ‘Alter Ego’ allows her to be judged based on her performance alone and doesn’t distract people from her singing. She loves the idea that her voice now comes first. Growing up, she never had a role model who looked and sounded like her, and hence she wanted to be that for people watching the show. She also noted that winning for her would be a love letter to people with Tourette’s syndrome. Hall performed to Ellie Goulding’s ‘Love Me Like You Do’. You can check out her performance here.

The judges were surprised to see just how vocally powerful she was and were thoroughly impressed with her use of the Alter Ego, seeing that Hall gave her persona, Fern, wings that allowed her to take flight mid-song. As will.i.am explained it, the show is meant to be a marriage between the performer and the alter ego, and Hall did just that. Although she secured a place on the Diamond, she was knocked off by fellow. Brinkwire Brief News.


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