Method Man and Saxe Being Survivors (EXCLUSIVE) by Shane Johnson of ‘Power Book 2: Ghost’


Method Man and Saxe Being Survivors (EXCLUSIVE) by Shane Johnson of ‘Power Book 2: Ghost.’

Fans of All Power Book 2: Ghost will agree that defense attorney Cooper Saxe (Shane Johnson) is one of the many characters that fans love to despise.

From shady business practices to stalking Tariq St., he’s done it all.

Saxe ticks all the boxes of being arrogant and overbearing, from his initial meeting with Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) to his eventual dismissal.

Saxe, on the other hand, is always able to recover.

With Season 2 of Power Book 2: Ghost in full swing, Saxe finds himself collaborating with Davis Maclean (Method Man), a former foe who has now become an ally.

Both men clearly operate in different ways as defense attorneys, so it will be interesting to see how this partnership plays out.

Shane Johnson opened up about being a survivor, working with Method Man, and more in an exclusive interview with Distractify.

Cooper Saxe has had one goal in mind since the start of Power: justice.

Saxe had every intention of bringing Tariq down once he started following in his father’s footsteps.

As a result of his passion for justice, he was fired.

Saxe has landed a lucrative new job with Davis McLean, which is the latest twist in Power’s story.

Despite the fact that this is a complete 180 from his previous position as a US attorney, it is all about survival.

Saxe had to choose between swallowing his pride and working with his family, or taking control of his career on his own terms, according to Shane.

Power Book II: Ghost (@ghoststarz) shared this.

Shane told Distractify exclusively, “The decision to work with Davis was more of an inner battle between working with the family and admitting defeat or breaking away.”

It’s not entirely depressing because [Saxe] would be well compensated.

“[Saxe] would be right at home in that world.”

However, he would be abandoning his dream.”

“It’s similar to how Brayden Westin (Gianni Paolo) and Tariq want to get away from their families,” Shane continued.

The fact that I spent seven seasons attempting to bring down the St. Louis Cardinals is intriguing to me.

Patricks, and now I’m the one who has to defend them.”

With Season 2 emphasizing Saxe and Davis’ collaboration, viewers believe it’s only a matter of time before the two attorneys butt heads.

After all, the two men have two distinct approaches to representing clients, which may or may not be compatible…

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