Merrill Osmond’s TV career… And there’s a new record called Live In London!


Merrill Osmond’s TV career… And there’s a new record called Live In London!

Merrill, 68, is most known for being the lead singer and bassist for The Osmonds, who had singles including Crazy Horses and Love Me For A Reason.

Bozo the Clown was my favorite as a kid, and I also liked Lassie.

My father was a military sergeant, so we didn’t get much time to watch television.

We got up at dawn, worked on our barbershop singing, went to school, came home, and worked on it some more.

It was while traveling around Disneyland’s streets singing a little barbershop on Walt Disney’s Wonderful World Of Color.

Andy Williams’ scouts had noticed us. We auditioned for him, he cast us, heaps of mail poured in, and we stayed on the show for six years. Every week, we had to come up with something new.

Whitney Houston, and before her, Karen Carpenter, who dated my brother Alan, were two of my favorite singers. Olivia Newton-John has a lovely voice as well.

Because these shows have upped the standard for anybody who aspires to work in the entertainment industry, America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent are two of the most popular.

It’s time for Top Of The Pops! It was fantastic. There was something new and unusual every week.

Award ceremonies. I’m just aware that there are numerous political games being played behind the scenes. They aren’t rewarding talent; they have a different objective.

I enjoy detective shows and watch them frequently. I’ve been deputized a few times, and we took karate instruction since there were so many threats. Our sensei was Chuck Norris.

I’ve recently published a new live CD with the best band I’ve ever worked with, which I recorded at the O2. You’ll hear tunes you’ve never heard before as well as songs you’ve heard before.


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