Meredith shouldn’t abandon ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ where her mother ended up.


Each good series must come to an end. After years of dedication, it’s sad to see our favorite series go.

But, despite the intention of never seeing another show, everyone wants to know where the main characters will be and who they will end up with. Lately, fans of Grey’s Anatomy are waiting impatiently for the final season to arrive every day (or any year).

The big question is, what is the ending going to be? There are some creative ideas from many fans. One is not really optimistic in particular, and makes other fans fearful of their chance.

In ‘Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith.

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Meredith Grey is the chief of surgery on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She is not an easy character to describe; she is a hodgepodge of love, death, and any other dramatic incident that can be witnessed by a single person.

Given the insane amount of trouble she is facing, as Grey’s Anatomy heads for a potential finale in the coming years, Grey’s is still going high.

In season 14, episode seven, the best definition of Meredith and her effect on Grey’s Sloan and among her fellow doctors is seen. On behalf of Meredith, Jackson Avery accepts the Harper Avery Award and gives a hearty speech about her. He declares:

Meredith’s most impressive thing is that she takes all the suffering, all the loss, and converts it into a run.

The desire to save lives, to change things.

And despite everything she’s lost, in her work as a physician, as a nurse, as a mother, she manages to find joy.

And in her spirit of exploration, opportunity, and hope, she continues to express that joy – all in the face of darkness.

“Grey’s Anatomy”Grey’s Anatomy.

On the Internet, there are several rumors floating about the potential end of “Grey’s Anatomy” and what fans think might happen.

Following 15 years of dedication, the end of the iconic series would leave many viewers saddened.

But many are impatient to see what’s at stake in the end and the future of Meredith. Three stand out among the many imaginative and lighthearted fan theories surrounding the possible finale.

One Reddit user first posted his dream of an ending.

He hopes that Richard will retire and all the former cast members will return for his farewell party, such as fan favorites Christina, Arizona, and Izzie. Viewers will enjoy flashbacks and updates about their families and lives when these folks return.

Everyone dances then – a more conventional, predictable end to a series.

Another Reddit user predicts, “There will be some sort of flashback where we see MerDer’s kids (or at least Zola) as doctors at Grey Sloan, and maybe even the kids of other characters starting their residencies (Sofia, Harriet, etc.).” This is a theory that many can relate to, as it ends on a hopeful note. This is a theory that many can relate to.

The prediction that “Alex is chief of surgery and Zola is an intern,” given Alex’s description of Richard Webber’s notorious first speech in season 1, episode 1, is almost along the same lines.

In comparison to the pilot episode, this possibility might work.

Meredith leaves one common hypothesis where her mother ended up being

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In the other hand, certain ideas about fans are not almost as happy.

And that makes fans sit down and take care of it. If you remember, it was discovered that Meredith’s mother developed Alzheimer’s early-onset disease and eventually died. Season nine of Grey’s Anatomy confirms to viewers that Meredith has tested positive for multiple Alzheimer’s genetic markers. This supports a hypothesis that “a really bad and sloppy ending for the show.” could be said by some Redditors.

Meredith ends up being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the heartbreakingly common theory. Rhysieroni says, “I think it ends with Mer being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and we see an adult version of Zola or one of the other kids finding her journals, which are her voice-overs that she does in every episode.”

The finale would break a lot of hearts if the ending leaves Meredith where her mother ended up. A simple happy ending can often go over easier with viewers.


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