Meredith Marks, the star of ‘RHOSLC,’ isn’t the family’s sole breadwinner —


Meredith Marks, star of ‘RHOSLC,’ isn’t the family’s sole breadwinner —

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) viewers have seen power couple Seth and Meredith Marks go through ups and downs in their relationship, but it appears the two are stronger than ever.

Meredith’s jewelry design business and her son Brooks’ sweatsuit line are well-known, but what does Seth Marks do?

Meredith isn’t the family’s sole breadwinner, and fans have long been curious about Seth Marks’ net worth, particularly in relation to his job.

Here’s everything we know about Seth’s current job and net worth.

Meredith and Seth’s differences have previously been caused by financial issues.

Money disagreements are said to have played a role in their near-divorce.

They met in their early twenties, but things soured when Meredith decided to launch her jewelry line later in life.

Seth has been bouncing between high-profile professions, according to The Independent and his LinkedIn page.

Seth is currently listed as the Chief Merchandising Officer for Hattiesburg, Mississippi-based Channel Control Merchants, LLC.

However, from January 2020 to March 2021, he served as the CEO of International Retail Venture in Massillon, Ohio.

Seth asked Meredith if she would be willing to move with him to Canton, Ohio, because of his job during Season 1 of RHOSLC.

The Marks appear to have decided to stay in Utah rather than relocate to Ohio.

Moving stress may not have been something the Marks family wanted to add to their already strained marriage.

Seth’s job change also doesn’t appear to have hurt his finances, as Stars Offline estimates his current net worth to be around (dollar)5 million.

Seth Marks is a writer and director.

For Channel Control Merchants, Chief Merchandising Officer

(dollar)5 million net worth

Meredith Marks’ husband, Seth Marks, is the Chief Merchandising Officer at Channel Control Merchants LLC.

Reid, Brooks, and Chloe are the couple’s three beautiful children, who they married in 1996.

Brooks and Chloe have both appeared on Meredith and Seth’s show, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Seth is currently based in Utah.

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27th of February, 1972

Seth Marks is his given name.

Jeffrey Marks, father

Rose Kagan Marks is the mother of three children.

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