Melissa McCarthy’s critically panned comedy is no longer available on Netflix.


Melissa McCarthy’s panned comedy is no longer available on Netflix.

Netflix’s movie library is constantly evolving, and one of its less popular options will be phased out at the end of November.

The Happytime Murders, a 2017 Muppet-inspired comedy starring Melissa McCarthy, will be removed from Netflix in November.

Netflix might be a better place because of it.

When it first came out, the film was a complete disaster, and it hasn’t gotten any better since then.

The Happytime Murders is a murder mystery involving the puppet cast of a 1990s children’s show (definitely NOT The Muppets), as well as a disgraced former LAPD cop turned private eye puppet.

Melissa McCarthy portrays his human partner in the film.

The Happytime Murders, directed by Brian Henson, the late Jim Henson’s son, has an all-star cast, including Joel McHale, Elizabeth Banks, and Maya Rudolph, and is leaving the streaming service.

Despite these promising elements, The Happytime Murders failed to capture the audience’s attention.

The Happytime Murders received a 23 percent from critics and a 39 percent from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes, indicating that both critics and audiences were turned off by the obscene gags and profane humor.

The film failed to recoup its (dollar)40 million budget, grossing only (dollar)27 million around the world.

McCarthy told Collider, “It’s definitely a grown-up movie.”

“My kids say, ‘We can’t wait to see this!’ And I say, ‘I can’t wait to show you when you’re 40! It’ll be so wonderful when you’re 110 and you can see this!’ I think that’s part of the fun of it.”

Someone once said that when you watch The Muppets, one of the movies, or Sesame Street, and the lights go out, someone says cut, and they walk out the back door, you wonder if they go out into the real world and have a life?

When the lights are turned off and they aren’t performing in front of an audience, you can see the real grind of their lives, which is fascinating.

There’s a strange, edgy coolness to it, and it’s hilarious.

It manages to mash all of those things together, and the puppet thing mysteriously dissolves, but it’s still there.

That’s a terrible way to describe what it is.

You don’t notice that they’re puppets; instead, you believe they’re alive, breathing, and real.

It’s absolutely insane!”


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