Melanie Sykes, who was arrested for assaulting her ex-husband, says she isn’t a violent person.


Melanie Sykes speaks out after being arrested for assaulting her ex-husband.

MELANIE SYKES has spoken out about being arrested eight years ago for assaulting her ex-husband, Jack Cockings.

Melanie Sykes, a TV presenter, has spoken out for the first time about her arrest in 2013 for assaulting her ex-husband.

Following a domestic dispute at her home, the star, 51, was arrested six months after marrying roofer Jack Cockings, then 27, in November 2013.

The media personality has now spoken out about the night of her arrest before calling for changes to the way officers handle allegations of abuse.

I’m not a violent person and am incapable of doing so.

Melanie Sykes is a British actress and model.

Melanie was cautioned for common assault after confessing to Metropolitan Police officers, and she later sued to have the caution removed from her record.

After that, she divorced Cockings in 2014.

However, after hearing from friends about similar encounters with cops, the actress has opened up about the night she was arrested.

Melanie claims that when she was arrested, police officers failed to verify her and Cockings’ versions of events.

She also claims that they wouldn’t let her wait for a babysitter for her kids and that they bombarded her with questions about show business after she expressed concern.

“The doorbell went off, and I answered it, and they told me they were there to arrest me,” Melanie said of the night.

Her initial reaction was “shock,” she said, adding that she thought they were “joking.”

“It felt like I was out of my body,” she added.

“I’ve never had a run-in with the cops before.”

She told The New York Times, “I’m not a violent person and I’m not capable of it.”

The star of Let’s Do Lunch with Gino and Mel recounted how she locked herself in the kitchen after an argument with her husband after requesting that he leave.

She went on to say that, without her knowledge, Cockings had called the cops and claimed that his wife had assaulted him.

Melanie admitted she was “clueless” when cops arrived at her front door and had to leave her two sons, Valentino, 11, and Roman, nine, with Cockings after her arrest.

Melanie claims that officers were “laughing and joking” about her life as a celebrity as they drove her back to her home.

They had inquired, she claimed.

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