Mel Monroe will ‘lost her baby’ in Season 4 of Virgin River, as the boss reveals a devastating surprise.


Mel Monroe will ‘lost her baby’ in Season 4 of Virgin River, as the boss reveals a devastating surprise.

VIRGIN RIVER loves a good cliffhanger, but a new surprise teased by the showrunner could be the most shocking moment in the season so far.

Season three, which was recently released, included an incredible amount of drama for such a small town. Now it appears that Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) may lose her baby in the upcoming season of the Netflix drama Virgin River.

Mel, who migrated from Los Angeles to the little hamlet in the hopes of a fresh start, is the protagonist of Virgin River.

She had taken on a new profession as a Nurse Practitioner to aid the overworked local doctor Vernon ‘Doc’ Mullins (Tim Matheson).

Her late husband Mark Monroe (Daniel Gillies) died in a vehicle accident after the couple had a fight, thus she was also avoiding her unpleasant past.

Mel met Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) shortly after moving to Virgin River and fell in love again.

Jack was a former marine who also owned a restaurant and bar in the area.

In season three, he had a significant cliffhanger when Mel discovered him bleeding from a pistol wound on the floor of his bar.

Despite the fact that his assailant had not been apprehended, the couple faced a new challenge in their relationship.

Jack’s ex-girlfriend Charmaine Roberts (Lauren Hammersley) was found to be pregnant with his twins.

Mel asked Jack for a child as a result of this revelation, and when he said he couldn’t give her what she needed, the two dissolved their relationship.

Fans got a glimpse into Mel’s marriage through flashbacks, which revealed that she had miscarried not long before her husband died.

In fact, when the vehicle accident that killed Mark occurred, the couple was having a major fight about IVF, thus Mel always blamed herself for his death.

During her separation with Jack in Season 3, she had IVF using the stored embryos she had with her late husband.

Jack admitted in the stunning season finale that he was perplexed and that he does desire a child with Mel.

She then informed him of her pregnancy, revealing that the kid she is carrying could be Mark’s biological child.

Sue Tenney, the showrunner of Virgin River, recently discussed the cliffhanger finale and hinted at Mel’s destiny in season four.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” she said in an interview with US Weekly.


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