Meghan Markle’s half-sister accuses her of ‘public relations slander’ and criticizes her ‘grandiose image.’


Meghan Markle’s half-sister accuses her of ‘public relations slander’ and criticizes her ‘grandiose image.’

MEGHAN Markle’s half-sister has slammed the royal for her “grandiose” image, as the duchess prepares for a week of explosive courtroom drama.

Samantha Markle expressed her outrage after learning that Meghan had “lost custody of all three of her children from different men” in an email.

During a court dispute with the Mail on Sunday, the note to her former staffer Jason Knauf surfaced.

Samantha, who has had a long-standing feud with Meghan, called the “hurtful” claim “revealing.”

“Seeing Jason Knauf’s testimony was disturbing,” Samantha told The Telegraph. There isn’t a single court record on the earth that proves I ever lost custody of my children.

“It’s quite sleazy to take personal problems and then spin them in a nasty way to discredit me.”

“Everyone, including Trevor (Engelson, Meghan’s first husband), who has been wonderful to her, has a terrible way of disposing of, treading on, and then silencing.”

“Based on her own behavior, the public will build a suitable judgment of her.” People dislike being deceived and exploited.

“That’s something she’ll have to live with.” She self-sabotaged because she’s so pompous.” Samantha revealed that her father, Thomas, is finally accepting the fact that Meghan deliberately briefed against him, despite his initial desire to give her “the benefit of the doubt.”

Mr Knauf’s testimony included communications from the duchess, in which she stated that she had supported her father “despite his reclusiveness,” but that public pressure had “crumbled him.”

🔵 For the most up-to-date information, visit our Meghan and Harry live blog. “It was amazing to see her casually express that she wanted this and that added, like items on a lunch menu,” Samantha said.

“She has a voracious thirst for gaining her own sense of power by causing harm to others.”

“My father refused to believe that this smear effort was aimed only at undermining his credibility.”

Samantha urged that their father sue Meghan in a series of tweets regarding the court disclosures, and that she was looking for a lawyer herself.

Meghan was obliged to issue an apology after a series of emails were released revealing that she had worked with the authors of a favourable biography.

Authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand have previously stated that she and Harry had no involvement in the writing of Finding Freedom.

The Sussexes even issued a statement last year claiming that they “weren’t interviewed and didn’t contribute” to the book.

However, it has now been revealed that she gave Mr Knauf permission to speak to Scobie and Durand on her behalf.

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