Meghan Markle was dubbed a ‘fool’ after she drank milk from a baby bottle as part of a ‘Ellen’ joke.


Meghan Markle was dubbed a ‘fool’ after she drank milk from a baby bottle as part of a ‘Ellen’ joke.

Meghan Markle should ask for’something really hot’ by telling the vendor, ‘Mommy wants some heat,’ according to Ellen DeGeneres.

Meghan Markle was widely chastised after, as part of her appearance on ‘The Ellen Show,’ she performed a prank on a group of Los Angeles street vendors, dancing and singing in front of them while referring to herself as’mommy’ and drinking milk from a baby bottle.

During her unexpected appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show’s final season, the Duchess strolled out of the studio to play a joke on a trio of vendors, telling them they had to do and say anything the talk show host ordered them through a disguised earpiece. Meghan went straight for a crystal booth when the TV host instructed her to tell the seller she has “healing powers.” Ellen instructed her to do so while pondering the crystals on exhibit, and then to chant while holding one of the crystals against her skull.

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Meghan Markle’s newest interview with Ellen DeGeneres had 5 cringe-worthy moments.

Prince Harry’s friends have dubbed Meghan Markle a “500 percent nightmare”: Expert in the Royal Court Meghan sips milk from a baby bottle and eats a chip like a chipmunk. At Ellen’s suggestion, Meghan began “bouncing up and down” in excitement at a hot dog vendor. The ex-royal enquired of the man: “So, what exactly do we have here? What do you have, what do you have, what do you have?” Meghan added, as she examined the bottles of hot sauce arranged on the table: “Allow mommy to have a bite. My boo is a huge fan of hot sauce.” “Like a chipmunk,” she was told to chew down a hot sauce-covered chip supplied to her by the vendor. Before telling the salesman, she nibbled on the food while holding it to her mouth with both hands “That isn’t hot at all! Mommy likes some heat, so let me try something really hot.” “Mommy needs some milk,” she said after swallowing the following chip with a particularly spicy brand of sauce. Meghan then took a baby bottle from her purse and began swigging milk from it, much to the surprise of everyone.

Ellen forced Meghan to take two sets of cat ears from her purse and tell a third seller that she wanted to demonstrate her “what she does to entertain her kids.” The former Suits actress then broke into song, dancing about with her hands up in the air and her ears on her head. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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