Meghan and Harry have shifted their focus to chat programs in order to be’seen and heard,’ according to experts.


Meghan and Harry have shifted their focus to chat programs in order to be’seen and heard,’ according to experts.

With no hint of a Netflix or Spotify release, a royal expert has speculated that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s visits on the Ellen program may become more common.

An analyst claims that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are using a slew of recent appearances to “be seen and be heard” rather of using their own platforms for PR.

Last night, Meghan appeared on a US talk program hosted by Ellen DeGeneres (November 18). During the interview, the host appeared to make fun of her guest’s position as “Duchess of Sussex,” before the ex-royal performed a comedy in which she had to complete a series of dares.

Meghan’s public presence is part of her new life as an ex-royal. She and her husband are no longer limited to royal engagements and have been able to start their own businesses.

However, with no evidence of any releases from their Spotify and Netflix partnerships, royal analysts have speculated that the couple may turn to celebrity-circuit chat programs for more visibility.

Host Jo Elvin of the Palace Confidential podcast stated that appearances on shows like Ellen are a common occurrence for American celebrities, and wondered if Meghan and Harry’s visits on the show will become more frequent.

Victoria Murphy, a royal journalist, commented, “I believe we’re starting to see a bit more now the types of things that they want to undertake.”

“They’ve recently become more visible, and they’ve started participating in these long-form talks.”

“And there’s a lot of interest in what they say, and these profiles still exist.” But I think a lot of their public appearances serve as a reminder of how different the platforms they have today are from the ones they had when they were working royals.” Without the structure of royal engagements to support them, Victoria noted that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would have to generate their own exposure. “There’s no kind of default position for them at the center of things that there is for the working royals,” she said.

“If they want to be seen and heard – if they want to be a part of the discourse on the big issues – they have to do it themselves and make plans to be seen and heard, which is what these appearances do for them.”

Richard Eden, the Mail’s Diarist, is also on the panel, and Brinkwire provides a summary of the news.


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