Meet Izzy the Frenchie, the viral puppy for whom Tom Daley crocheted a sweater.


Meet Izzy the Frenchie, the viral puppy for whom Tom Daley crocheted a sweater.

Tom Daley, an Olympic diver, disclosed on social media who he was making a sweater for: Izzy the Frenchie, an Instagram celebrity dog.

During the three-meter women’s springboard diving final on Sunday, the Team GB gold champion was seen crafting a pink and purple object, which went viral. The French Bulldog, who splits her time between East Hampton, New York, and Washington, DC, has over one million Instagram followers, where she posts pictures of her costumes.

Izzy rose to prominence in 2017 after a video of her enjoying a bath at the age of five weeks was viewed over 12 million times in less than 24 hours.

The little dog has since become a fashion icon, having been featured in Vogue and wearing outfits designed by a former Christian Dior designer.

Izzy’s owner, Rick Hendrix, confirmed that the pop star will wear the sweater during Fashion Week. “I think we’re going to put it in her fashion week,” he told TMZ. Maybe we should go on a walk in New York next time; it’ll be safe and we’ll be able to go out!”

Rick claimed that he and Tom discussed knitting, but he had no idea that the Olympian was knitting for his dog.

T-shirts, hoodies, and a steel water bottle are available for purchase on Izzy’s official website for fans.

Tom confessed that he taken up the pastime during the lockdown last year on his Instagram feed dedicated to crafts, @madewithlovebyytomdaley, revealing in a post in September 2020 that he had grown “addicted.”

As he sat in the stands of the Tokyo Aquatics Centre, viewers and broadcasters were left speculating what the 27-year-old was knitting.

The diving champion showed numerous photographs of other dog jumpers he’s made for dogs of all shapes and sizes in an Instagram post on Monday.

“I made some doggy sweaters for my friends,” he remarked. @knittingland has the loveliest little pattern to follow. How adorable are they all? I was just about to make another one at the pool the other day lol.”

Tom said in a video on his knitting page about his new favorite pastime: “The one thing that has kept me sane during this whole process is my love for knitting and crochet and all things needlework, so I want to thank everyone of my followers.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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