Meena Jutla’s reign of terror in Emmerdale comes to an end when she is assassinated by Manpreet Sharma?


Meena Jutla’s reign of terror in Emmerdale comes to an end when she is assassinated by Manpreet Sharma?

Meena Jutla, the EMMERDALE killer, may finally get her just desserts in the coming months as her reign of terror comes to an end. Will her sister, Manpreet Sharma, be the one who murders her? Since her arrival in the Emmerdale town last year, Meena (played by Paige Sandhu) has caused a lot of sorrow, but it’s only in the last few months that she’s shown off her killing skills. Many villagers believe she is insane at the time, but no one knows the extent to which she has gone to conceal her homicidal secrets. However, it appears that her sister Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) may be the only one who can finally silence the ITV soap villain, since one of the show’s stars has hinted at Meena’s departure.

Despite the fact that Manpreet grew up with Meena and has spent the majority of her life attempting to shake her sister from her grip, she has no idea who her sister has killed or why she felt compelled to do it.

Meena’s sole dubious behavior that she is aware of is having an affair with her ex-husband while oblivious to the fact that Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) died only a few weeks ago.

When Manpreet realizes what her sister has been up to, she will be shocked, but she will know she must act.

As the sisters engage in a furious argument, they both know that only one of them will survive, while the other will be killed.

Paige, the actress who plays Meena, detailed how she would like her character to exit the program in an interview with this website and other sites.

Paige expressed her desire for Meena to be found out while discussing her leave, saying, “In my dream, Meena and Manpreet are there in the street and it’s nighttime.”

“Meena is set to kill someone, and Manpreet feels compelled to save this person by killing Meena, so she does,” the soap star explained.

“Then Meena passes away in Manpreet’s arms, and they have this lovely sisterly moment in which Meena almost confesses her love for her [sister].”

“Like [Meena] is almost normal, she can feel something, and then she dies.”


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