Meech proves he’s a genius with his truck idea in the third episode of ‘Black Mafia Family.’


Pat has Meech on the clock or it’s the glock for him as Terry is done taking everyone’s s**t

Spoilers for ‘Black Mafia Family’ Episode 3 ‘Love All, Trust Few’

Starz’s crime drama has been gaining traction as the story starts getting more interesting by the minute. ‘BMF’ follows the real-life journey of two poor brothers from Detroit as they let their ambitions soar with them on the rise to becoming drug lords.

Episode 2 of ‘Black Mafia Family’ focused on the family aspect as we see Terry (Da’Vinchi) get shot in the head with the family sick with worry and blaming Meech( Demetrius Flenory Jr). The situation is also getting scary with Lamar (Eric Kofi Abrefa) on the prowl with his psycho behavior, attacking people. Terry survives but not before Meech is kicked out of the house. The 50 Boyz too, have things rough at the moment with them losing part of their stash with nowhere to hide it. Problems are on the rise as we see B-Mickie (Myles Truitt) disregard Meech and shoot a rival group member. Demetrius is faced with an oncoming barrel of problems. Here’s what we tough of the latest episode.

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The opening of “Love All, Trust Few” gave us a deeper understanding of the bond and trust brother Demetrius and Terry share, as we see them get whooped together for a mistake only one did. We see Meech in a tight spot as Pat(Wood Harris) makes it clear who’s boss and orders him to pay up in 6 days or it’s the gun for him. Humor makes an entry in the episode with the appearance of Pastor Swift ( Snoop Dogg) coming to bless the family. Snoop Dogg is hilarious as a man of God who’s a little too touchy with the ladies. Pastor Shifty as Charles (Russell Hornsby ) rightly refers to him. We gotta commend 50 Cent on his smart artistic choices with this quite easily being the episode highlight.

Trouble seems to be in the books for the brothers as Detective Bryant (Steve Harris) tips them off about a new unit being formed to disrupt drug operations. Meech shines in this episode as we are finally given a taste of the ‘visionary’ of the group. Quite the big brain moment as we see him use a food truck as a front for his business. Lamar (Eric Kofi Abrefa) meanwhile, is up to no good as we see him threaten Filmel (Markice Moore) his own gang mate who he. Brinkwire Brief News.


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