‘Means so much to me,’ Alison O’Donnell says of growing close to her Shetland co-star.


‘Means so much to me,’ Alison O’Donnell of Shetland says of growing close to her co-star.

Alison O’Donnell, who plays Alison ‘Tosh’ MacIntosh in the BBC drama SHETLAND, has spoken out about growing close to one of her co-stars.

Season six of Shetland has returned to BBC One, and fans were overjoyed to see Douglas Henshall’s detective Jimmy Perez and his sidekick Tosh (Alison O’Donnell) back on their screens.

The duo is back as they look into the deaths of two people after a terrifying diving accident.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, filming for the BBC series was put on hold and was delayed.

The actress who portrays Tosh had her second child during the two-year hiatus.

Alison admitted to struggling to balance filming with breastfeeding her newborn baby when the cast was finally able to return to the set.

The actress went on to say that it had “logistical issues.”

In a new interview, the mother-of-two said the cast and crew were extremely supportive and did everything they could to assist the star.

Alison revealed that lead actor Douglas was the one person she could always count on if she had any parenting issues.

Both Alison and Douglas have become parents since the beginning of the show in 2012.

“It’s hard to really sum up, he’s come to mean so much to me,” Alison began when discussing their closeness.

“And so, in so many ways, you know he’s been a mentor, a friend, a champion,” she told The Sunday Post.

“When we first began working together, there was a significant gap in our life experiences.

I was a relative newcomer, whereas he was a well-known actor.

“And then, as the series progressed, the gap between us closed because we both now have young families and are in similar stages of life.”

Alison went on to say that she and her co-star now have a lot in common and that their friendship has blossomed.

Season six of the Scottish cop drama is currently in production, but lead actor Douglas has confirmed that there will be a seventh season.

“On Shetland, we’re wrapped.”

In light of his 73,000 Twitter followers, the actor penned, “Production now moves to Glasgow for the rest of season seven.”

“As always, thank you for your assistance, support, and patience; we couldn’t have done it without you.”

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