Matt Tebbutt of Saturday Kitchen admits that he landed the BBC presenting job ‘by accident.’


Matt Tebbutt of Saturday Kitchen admits that he landed the BBC presenting job ‘by accident.’

MATT TEBBUTT has admitted that his first foray into television was an “accident.”

Matt Tebbutt, who hosts Saturday Kitchen every week, almost didn’t make it as a television personality.

As he discussed his early days in the industry, the chef admitted that he never intended to pursue this career path.

Matt is a familiar face to BBC viewers who tune in every Saturday morning to see him cooking up a storm.

The presenter, on the other hand, has now revealed that he was on the verge of switching careers.

The Great British Menu gave Matt his big break in the television industry.

In 2007, the chef made an appearance on the cooking competition show as a representative of Wales.

In 2010, he returned for a second special, this time focusing on food waste.

In a recent interview with This website, he explained, “I got into television by accident really.”

“In Wales, a well-known restaurant critic paid a visit to my establishment.

“They gave us a glowing review and then recommended me for The Great British Menu,” says the author.

Matt admitted that his big dream was to be a chef rather than a TV host.

When asked about his start in the industry, he admitted that it had taken a long time.

“I’ve always been interested in food and cooking, ever since our family caravanning holidays in Northern France,” he explained.

“When I was introduced to big bowls of garlic butter-drenched moules and mushrooms.

“I grew up in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother, cooking traditional dishes.”

“Then, when I went to university, I got really into making fancy dishes for my classmates.”

“I realized that being a chef was the most important thing to me.”

Matt was speaking as part of his campaign to encourage Brits to eat more locally sourced foods.

He’s created a series of recipes for the UK and Ireland Mushroom Producers, in particular.

“I find myself cooking more vegetarian food these days as many people request it,” he explained.

“I believe that many people are beginning to consider where their food comes from and are attempting to source more local, sustainable foods.”

“As a result, I’m sure there will be more vegetables on the table this year in many households.”

Visit @mushroom.miles on Instagram for more information on sustainability and recipe inspiration.


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