Matt Baker’s shocking family news drives fans into a frenzy as he admits to covert farm filming.


Matt Baker’s shocking family news drives fans into a frenzy as he admits to covert farm filming.

Fans are in a frenzy over Matt Baker’s stunning family revelation, as he admits to secret farm filming.

According to Matt Baker, Our Farm in the Dales has been recommissioned for two more series and a Christmas special.

Matt Baker, 43, thanks his fans on Instagram for tuning in to the first season of his family show, which recently aired on Channel 4. He continued, “We keep getting asked one specific thing…” referring to his 280,000 Twitter followers.

He then turned the camera on his father Matthew, who stated they’d been asked a lot if the show will be renewed for a second season.

“I can tell you right now there isn’t only going to be another series of Our Farm In The Dales, but two new series of Our Farm In The Dales,” Matt continued.

According to the Countryfile star, they were also filming for a Christmas edition of the show.

“I love Christmas, I can’t wait,” Nicola Moon, his wife, added.

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Matt went on to mock his father’s beard, calling him Santa Clause in jest.

They’ve been filming for the new series for a long time, according to the father of two.

After his injuries, he turned the camera to his mother Janice, who he said was back in the field where she belonged.

After that, Matt asked the audience what they hoped to see in the new season.

“All will be revealed on More 4 later this year,” he concluded, “but for all of us, for now from the Dales, bye!”

Many of his fans commented on his tweet, expressing their excitement for the upcoming shows.

Russell Davies gasped, “Ahh fantastic!” Congratulations.”

Another said, “Yay, wonderful family.” I’d love to see any facet of your lives; just keep it lovely and authentic, as you always do.”

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A third exclaimed, “Fantastic!” I’m excited to watch it.”

“Yay! “The whole family can’t wait xx,” wrote a fourth.

The show takes viewers through an emotional period in Matt’s life.

The farmer moved his wife Nicola and their two children to Durham, where he grew up, to help his parents run the family farm.

Matt walked in and said, “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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