Marvel’s Hit-Monkey Star Admits the Series Isn’t Suitable for Children.


Marvel’s Hit-Monkey Star Admits the Series Isn’t Suitable for Children.

Marvel is releasing a new animated series on Hulu next week, but don’t be fooled by the cartoon primate or the Marvel logo into believing it’s for kids and families. Marvel’s Hit-Monkey, like Hulu’s M.O.D.O.K. series from earlier this year, is aimed squarely at adults, with dark comedy and graphic violence. There’s a reason this one didn’t get picked up by Disney+.

Ally Maki, who plays Detective Haruka in Hit-Monkey, spoke with recently about her upcoming Disney+ film Home Sweet Home Alone, which will be released soon. Those two projects couldn’t be more dissimilar, and Maki relished the chance to immerse herself in a more mature animated series.

“It’s fantastic. We had a great time, “Maki had this to say about the series. “Another thing I did was videotape some of that during the epidemic and prior to the pandemic. I enjoy performing voice over because it transports me to another world by allowing me to use my imagination to construct stories, but this was the first time I’d done something more serious. It’s still a comedy, but it’s a really dark comedy that isn’t really aimed at children. It has that violence, yet it’s also quite humorous. So I’d find myself getting teary-eyed in the booth from time to time, which was good because it dealt with some really cool thematic material.” Maki continued, “I really had such a lovely time bringing Detective Haruka to life.” “She’s the newest addition to the police force and the lone female officer. So, in that sense, she’s an underdog, and what a fantastic cast she had with George Takei, Olivia Munn, and Jason Sudeikis. I had a blast working on both of these projects.” Maki has done voiceover work before, but Hit-Monkey is unlike any other animation film she’s worked on recently. In 2019’s Toy Story 4, she plays Officer Giggle McDimples, a G-rated film that is the essence of family entertainment. When Hit-Monkey arrives, be prepared for a variety of laughter.

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