Marvel’s Eternals Sets the Stage for a MCU Sequel


Marvel’s Eternals Sets the Stage for a Marvel Cinematic Universe Sequel.

Warning: There are spoilers for Marvel’s Eternals below! As with any new film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Eternals has plenty of set-up for what’s to come.

The film not only introduces a new group of heroes who will undoubtedly appear in other Marvel projects despite not really interacting with other Marvel characters in their comics, but it also introduces other heroes who aren’t Eternals, teases even more that aren’t seen, and adds a huge wrinkle to the MCU’s cosmic side. We’ll break it all down below.

Let’s start with the Eternals themselves; by the end of the film, the group is split.

Sersi, Phastos, Kingo, and Sprite appear to be ready to live on Earth as they have for many years (Sprite now fully human and no longer an Eternal), while Thena, Druig, and Makkari fly off into the cosmos on their ship The Domo in search of other Eternals.

Their Earth-bound Eternals dreams are quickly dashed, however, when their de facto boss, the celestial Arishem, plucks them from the planet and takes them with him, dissatisfied with what they’ve done.

Starfox (aka Eros, Thanos’ brother) and his associate Pip the Troll offer the trio a helping hand on their journey as they fly off into space.

Given all of this, it appears that Marvel is planning an Eternals sequel down the road, especially since none of these characters are really connected to the remaining major players on Earth.

Despite the fact that the film’s final title card after the credits roll states that “the Eternals will return,” Marvel hasn’t committed to a straight Eternals sequel just yet.

Perhaps Marvel is laying the groundwork in the far reaches of space for something that will be teased further in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

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Filmmaker James Gunn has stated that this is his final chapter with the group, but once he leaves the galaxy, he will be exploring parts of the MCU that are akin to the wild west, with a plethora of potential players and stops along the way.

The film doesn’t stop there in terms of setting up a sequel and other spinoffs, as the final post-credit scene features Kit Harington…

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