Martin Roberts is on the verge of crying as he vents his rage at the error ‘Need to share my grief.’


Martin Roberts is on the verge of crying as he vents his rage at the error ‘Need to share my grief.’

MARTIN ROBERTS realized he’d made a huge mistake while assembling an IKEA bed.

Martin Roberts, 57, couldn’t contain his rage after documenting his progress in making an IKEA bed on Instagram on Tuesday evening. Many would have assumed that the DIY expert would have found it simple to put together.

I’m going to have to dismantle everything!

Martin Roberts is a writer from the United Kingdom.

The set up seems to be a lot more difficult for the star of Homes Under the Hammer.

And when he realized his hard work had gone to waste, he decided to scream to his 13.2K Instagram followers, who took the brunt of it.

He rolled his eyes and muttered, “I need to share my grief.”

“So, I’m just putting together an IKEA bed.

Martin Roberts (@martinrobertstv) shared a post.

He turned the camera around to show his followers what he was talking about, saying, “It’s a bed frame, and I’ve just spent an hour putting it together, and here it is.”

He sighed and attempted a smile as he re-entered the frame: “I’ve also just realized that I’ve placed the first piece on backwards.

“As a result, the headboard is riddled with holes.”

Martin began yelling, “It’s not intended to look like that!” as he turned the camera back to show fans his error.

“Nice and smooth, yes, like that!” he grumbled as he swept the camera to the other parts of the frame.

He went on to say: “”Not like that!” “I’ve got to dismantle everything!”

Martin swung his hands around and bounced his head as he described the consequences of his miscalculation, and viewers could see his displeasure firsthand.

And the annoyance became too much for him, so he filmed himself ripping up the directions before taking a breath and a big swallow of wine before ending his rage with a simple, calm, but ineffective, “I’m alright.”

His fans expressed their support in the comments area, with several admitting that his reaction made them laugh out loud.

One recommended, “Keep cool Martin, and watch an episode of Homes Under the Hammer.”

“Had the exact same problem!” remarked a third.

“Do it tomorrow, drink wine, read the 18-page instructions, after all, tomorrow is another day,” wrote a third.

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