Martin Roberts identifies the top areas in the United Kingdom where you can STILL make money with real estate.


Martin Roberts identifies the top areas in the United Kingdom where you can STILL make money with real estate.

Martin Roberts, a property expert, has revealed which areas in the UK can potentially “add value” to your home.

On GB News, the co-host of Homes Under the Hammer was seen.

Martin Roberts, a property auction expert, appeared on GB News this morning with presenters Rosie Wright and Simon McCoy.

Martin, 58, appeared on the show to talk about how potential home buyers can buy a home in any market.

Rosie inquired of Martin about what people should do if they are “desperately” trying to get on the property ladder.

There are “practical steps” house hunters can take, according to Martin, but it does require “thinking outside the box.”

For some buyers, this may necessitate looking a little further afield than their preferred location.

“For starters, you should start saving some money,” he advised.

“You must begin accumulating that deposit, which, as we all know, is substantial.

“When you’re first starting out, one thing you usually have is a lot of energy and a desire to work on a house.

“The best way to begin accumulating equity on a property is to buy something, renovate it, and then add value to it.”

“You may find that in your immediate area, that is extremely difficult, and you will need to travel further afield.”

“You can still buy a house for £60,000, £70,000, £80,000, and £90,000 in this country.”

“Places like Stoke and South Wales, for example.”

Some of Wales’ valleys where you can find really good properties that you can potentially add value to by renovating.”

“None of this is easy,” Martin said, “but there are a lot of things you can do if you’re willing to commit to a property.”

To find a cheaper home, he suggested starting “outside” of where you would like to live.

“Perhaps somewhere with lower property prices,” he added.

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Buyers should also consider homes that aren’t perfect but can easily be improved.

This, according to the TV host, is what he did with his first home.

“I did the kitchen, I did the bathroom,” he continued.

It doesn’t have to be major construction work, just something to spruce up the place a little.

“Hopefully, when you sell it, you’ll get some money back.”

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