Martin Roberts discusses the “rough” properties on Homes Under The Hammer that “ruin” his clothes.


Martin Roberts discusses the “rough” properties on Homes Under The Hammer that “ruin” his clothes.

MARTIN ROBERTS said that some of the properties on Homes Under the Hammer have ruined many of his shoes, and recommended people to wear shoes with good soles.

During his 18 years on Homes Under the Hammer, Martin Roberts, 57, has seen a lot, and the property expert has learned the hard way what to dress when it’s time to inspect them. The hosts of the show tour viewers through a house before it goes up for auction, but they’re not always in the finest of shape.

For some of the harsher qualities, good-soled shoes are required.

Martin Roberts is a writer from the United Kingdom.

He went on to say that he’s had run-ins with some of the harsher properties, which have taken a toll on his expensive shoes.

One fan had an urgent issue about the show and how it affects Martin’s dress choices during this week’s Twitter Q&A.

The host is well-known for his jazzy style.

He’s known for wearing flowery shirts, exaggerated lapels, and high-heeled shoes, and isn’t afraid to wear a statement blazer.

However, having a high sense of style can cause problems when investigating some of the more challenging sites, such as overgrown gardens or derelict interiors.

“Martin, don’t you spoil your fine shoes in some of these locations?” the viewer wondered, concerned about how many pairs of shoes he goes through.

“I do indeed!” the presenter replied, laughing.

“For some of the harsher qualities, good soled shoes are required.”

And he’s grown accustomed to encountering a wide range of items, from discarded needles to squeaky floors.

But there is one thing the real estate expert can’t stand about a house, and that is if it stinks.

He is unconcerned if the property is in a state of disarray.

Instead, it’s the smell of a place that gets to him, particularly if it’s a nasty one.

Martin admits to having seen some fairly filthy homes over the years and disclosed what it is about them that makes him turn his nose up – literally.

“What is the worst home you’ve ever visited, when you go in and it’s like no way josè?” questioned one admirer.

“Probably ones that have had dogs left inside for a long time,” the presenter replied quickly, recalling past experiences.

“Mess doesn’t bother me, but smell bothers me.”

He had a high tolerance for messes. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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