Martin Lewis demonstrates how you may immediately save 30% on your shopping cost.


Martin Lewis demonstrates how you may immediately save 30% on your shopping cost.

MARTIN LEWIS has revealed a simple way for Britons to save up to 30% on their weekly grocery.

Martin Lewis, speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, offered some tips on how individuals might save “a significant” amount of money on their shopping bill.

The Money Saving Expert discussed his own high-end habits and read some social media tips from fans.

Mr Lewis told BBC Radio 5 Live that toilet roll and branded cola are his favorites.

Kellogg’s and other branded cereals were proposed by a social media user.

“Now here’s where I’d want to put everything to the test since I have a technique I call the downshift challenge.”

“When you go inside your supermarket, you drop down one brand level,” Martin remarked.

“And if you did it on everything, you’d save roughly 30% on your groceries.”

“It’s a little different from Aldi and Lidl because they just have a few brands,” he continued.

“However, this is available at your Tesco and Sainsbury’s.”

“I also believe that people are more concerned with the packaging than with the real taste.

“So don’t assume that’s not the same thing,” he explained.

“In many situations, the own brands are manufactured in the same factory.”

“They have somewhat varied salt and sugar contents, yet they’re frequently created in the same factory by the same people at the same time.”

“At the very least, try it,” he said.

“And don’t simply do it with your eyes… Check to see if it tastes that different.

“Would I get used to it?” he asked. “Because it can be a significant savings!” he said.

“What are your high-end habits?” a social media user inquired of Martin Lewis.

The polar opposite of this site’s usual money-saving mindset.

“I suppose I should begin by stating a few of my own, loo roll.”

“I’m willing to spend extra for something soft on my buttock cheeks and cola than those scratchy paper crap.”

“It doesn’t taste the same when you get the really cheap stuff.”

“Never buy cheap bin bags, lesson learnt,” another social media user said.


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