Martin Lewis apologizes for ‘completely stitching up’ a BBC celebrity in order for his wife to win a bet.


MARTIN LEWIS has taken to Twitter to apologise to a BBC radio star after stitching him up on his own radio show.

Martin Lewis, 49, has apologised to radio presenter Nihal Arthanayake, 50, on Twitter after he stitched him up on his own radio show. The Money Saving Expert was appearing on Nihal’s radio show on BBC Radio 5 live.

The things I do to win a bet with Mrs MSE!

Martin Lewis

Martin tweeted his apology to his 1.2 million followers straight after the show.

He said: “Apologies to @TherealNihal for totally stitching him up just now in the Mastermind section of #AskMartin on @bbc5live.

“The things I do to win a bet with Mrs MSE!”

He added: “(Listen back to 1.53pm ish onwards if you missed it) It was fun though!”

Nihal responded: “And you’re the bloody Radio Ombudsman too.

“It’s a bloody banana republic for this feature.”

Fans of Martin were quick to comment on what Martin had done to the radio presenter.

Stuart_Wilson19 said: “I must admit I fell for it too and I’m fairly financially savvy.

“Thought it was a bit cheeky!”

SimonRook1 added: “That 30 mile thing was the most well signposted bait I’ve ever seen/heard in years. I do feel sorry for Nihal.”

Martin was a guest appearing on the radio show to give advice on how to save your money, with the end of his segment on the show including Martin’s Mastermind.

In this, Martin asks Nihal a question which the majority of the time he gets wrong, and this time Martin made up a fake rule in order to win a bet with his wife.

Martin asked Nihal: “You walk into a supermarket to buy a new television as you want a bigger, better more HD screen so you can watch my show in close up. It’s slightly weird of you but each to their own.

“It’s there being sold for £399. You go to a store of the same size in the same chain which is within a 30 mile radius.

“What is the minimum that a store is allowed to charge you for the same TV when it’s on sale for £399 at another branch?

He added: “Is it a) £399 prices must be the same within that radius. B) £360 it can’t be over 10 % less. C) they can charge you what they. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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