Martha Stewart has 1 hack that you probably don’t do for perfect scrambled eggs


Celebrity chefs understand better than most that the easiest dishes are also the most difficult to perfect.

Martha Stewart, the best-selling cookbook author and household expert, is willing to share her advice on the subject. She has several tips for making a better plate of scrambled eggs, in particular.

With this breakfast favorite, the secret to success has much to do with pacing, ingredients and technique. In a video on her website called “Scrambled Eggs 101.” Stewart provided her fans with guidance.

While some of her advice was to be expected, when preparing this vital meal, there was one tip that most individuals don’t obey.

Never was Martha Stewart out to conquer the world of entertainment.

A lot of celebrity chefs are keenly interested in cooking from a young age.

Stewart, however, started her business career, working first as a stockbroker before turning to her other talents.

Meanwhile, to bring together fabulous dinner parties and catering activities, the Martha Stewart Living host used the lessons she learned from her mother and grandmother.

Eventually, she fascinated publisher Alan Mirken with her natural talent, which led to her first novel, Entertaining, being published.

Stewart became a household name for the next several decades.

Multiple books were released by the undisputed queen of cooking, a magazine was launched and brand collaborations for products were created. She also introduced many popular television shows that taught her viewers, just like herself, how to become outstanding hosts and hostesses.

She has an unforeseen tip for wonderful scrambled eggs

The underground snack indulgence of Martha Stewart is absolutely gross,

Cracking a few eggs into a hot skillet, scrambling them, and pouring them onto a plate is simple enough.

But a few quick tweaks will help take your egg-cooking abilities to the next stage in Martha Stewart’s world.

For cooking, the “Martha Knows Best” host suggests using a smaller pan. She advises constantly whisking the eggs with a fork, but insists that no additives like milk, cream or water are required, unlike some other celebrity chefs.

“If you have really good eggs, you don’t need anything in the eggs at all.”You don’t need anything in the eggs if you have really good eggs at all.

The only exception is butter, which should be added generously before cooking, the cookbook author says.

The butter should sizzle after preheating the pan to a suitable temperature, signaling that it is time for the eggs to start scrambling.

The final suggestion by Stewart is shocking and brilliant. “Always place your eggs on a heated plate, if possible,” she suggests, “and that’s it!”

There are numerous recipes for scrambled eggs by other celebrity chefs

Although some of the easiest to follow are Stewart’s egg tips, she is not the only Food Network star to give advice on the subject.

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond adds her scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and chopped chives to improve the taste, Insider says, and to achieve the proper quality, she moves her eggs through a strainer.

Like Stewart, host Alton Brown of the Cutthroat Kitchen insists on serving his scrambled eggs on a hot plate.

He also blends whole milk into the eggs, however.

Gordon Ramsay, who adds crème fraîche to his scrambled eggs and serves them on toast, offers one of the most common recipes.

With all these recipes suggested by the chef, when it comes to taste, the extra effort is worth it.


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