Martel Maxwell of Homes Under the Hammer gets ‘odd looks’ from her husband over a tanning mistake.


Martel Maxwell of Homes Under the Hammer gets “odd looks” from her husband over a tanning mistake.

Martel Maxwell, host of HOMES UNDER THE HAMMER, took to social media to explain that her husband had been giving her “odd looks” all day, before explaining that it was due to a botched fake tan.

Martel Maxwell, host of Homes Under the Hammer, took to Twitter to reveal that she had a hilarious self-tanning fail after using an out-of-date product.

Her husband Jamie Parratt, who suspected his wife was suffering from a serious skin condition, was concerned about the TV star’s blunder, according to the 43-year-old.

He believed I was jaundiced, according to Transpires.

Maxwell, Martell

Given her 12,500 Twitter followers, the BBC presenter explained why her husband had been giving her strange looks all day.

“Husband looking at me most oddly all day,” Martel wrote.

The star explained that the perplexed looks were caused by his suspicions that his wife was suffering from a health problem.

“Transpires,” Martel wrote, “he thought I was jaundiced.”

She reassured fans, however, that she was fine and that she had simply picked up an out-of-date beauty product.

“Last night, in a clear out, I came across some self-tanning face oil,” she continued.

She ended her tweet by saying, “It could have been out of date.”

Her husband and the BBC presenter have three sons.

Following the departure of long-time host Lucy Alexander in 2016, Martel landed the coveted role of Homes Under The Hammer host.

When she left, the blonde-haired host had been hosting the show for 13 years.

Martel, a BBC journalist, only recently broke her silence about her role in The Masked Singer.

Fans of the show were quick to claim that the character Mushroom was the TV host after the first episode aired on Saturday.

Mushroom performed a cover of Björk’s It’s Oh So Quiet on the stage.

After a few hints were revealed, the character drew the attention of fans.

“I’m guessing as @MartelMaxwell from Homes Under the Hammer,” the user wrote.

Martel couldn’t help but add to the viewers’ curiosity and stir the pot after learning about their theory.

“Was it?!?” she teased, adding a mushroom emoji to the mix.

“I think so, too,” another Twitter user added.

Judges Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross, Rita Ora, and Mo Gilligan compete in this season of The Masked Singer.

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Transpires he thought I was jaundiced

Martell Maxwell


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