Martel Maxwell of Homes Under the Hammer breaks the silence on Masked Singer Mushroom rumors.


Martel Maxwell of Homes Under the Hammer speaks out about the rumors about Masked Singer Mushroom.

Martel Maxwell, star of HOMES UNDER THE HAMMER, teased her role as Mushroom in the new series of The Masked Singer UK.

After viewers of The Masked Singer UK claimed Martel Maxwell, 44, was behind the Mushroom costume, she has spoken out.

With a melodious rendition of Björk’s It’s Oh So Quiet, the mystery celebrity was the first contestant to perform during Saturday (1 January) night’s opening show.

Is that true?!

Martel Maxwell is a fictional character who appears in the film Mar

Judges Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross, Rita Ora, and Mo Gilligan put their detective skills to the test in an all-new series that premiered on New Year’s Day.

Panda, Bagpipes, Traffic Cone, and Firework are among the flamboyant characters in the 2022 lineup, as they were in previous years.

Fans took to social media to discuss their thoughts and theories about who is behind each extravagant costume, as the ITV phenomenon knows how to get people talking.

One Twitter user speculated that the Mushroom was created by the star of Homes Under the Hammer.

After a few clues were revealed, the character drew the attention of fans.

“I’m guessing as @MartelMaxwell from Homes Under the Hammer,” the user wrote.

Martel couldn’t help but add to the viewer’s curiosity and stir the pot after learning about their theory.

With a mushroom emoji, she teased, “Was it?!?”

Indeed, it was!

Over the years, Martel has become a household name, and the 44-year-old has come a long way from her newspaper journalism beginnings.

Could she, however, be the one in the elaborate costume?

Others assumed the mask belonged to Shaun Ryder.

With viewers spotting some key I’m A Celebrity clues, viewers thought they’d nailed it when it came to Mushroom’s identity.

Some people noticed a link between Shaun and jungle fungi.

“(hashtag)MaskedSingerUK predictions based solely on costumes – because that’s how it works right…,” one Masked Singer fan wrote on social media.

“Ben Shepherd’s doughnuts, Kaya Scodelario’s panda, Susan Boyle’s bagpipes, George W Bush’s poodle, Steve Backshall’s insect…”

“Robot Rabbit – Liz Bonin, Chandelier – Sia, Pufferfish – Ellen, Traffic Cone – Ken Jeong, Snow, Leopard – Leona Lewis, Mushrooms – Shaun Ryder, Firework – Katy Perry, Traffic Cone – Ken Jeong, Snow, Leopard – Leona Lewis, Mushrooms – Shaun Ryder, Firework – Katy Perry, Traffic Cone – Ken Jeong, Snow, Leopard

“They all have some logic to them.”

I’m not sure I got them all correct!”

Was it?!?

Martel Maxwell


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