Mark Edwards, Vera’s Mark Edwards, discusses the difficulties of filming ITV’s ‘Lot more difficult.’


Mark Edwards, Vera’s Mark Edwards, discusses the difficulties of filming ITV’s ‘Lot more difficult.’

Riley Jones, who plays PC Mark Edwards in the ITV drama VERA, spoke exclusively to This website about the challenges of filming Series 11.

Fans of the ITV drama Vera will be able to watch the final episodes of series 11 on Sunday.

The ITV drama’s first two episodes aired last year, but production was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

DCI Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn) and her sidekick Aiden Healy (Kenny Doughty) will return to investigate yet another set of murders.

DCs Kenny Lockhart (Jon Morrison), Mark Edwards (Riley Jones), and Jac Williams (Ibinabo Jack) will also be returning.

However, the actor who plays PC Mark Edwards discussed the challenges they faced while filming the upcoming series in an exclusive interview with This website.

When they were forced to stop filming, he expressed concern that they wouldn’t be able to continue at all.

Riley began by saying, “It was just amazing to be back.”

“I believe we had no idea what was going on when we shut down in March-April.

We had no idea when we’d be able to come back.”

“So, the first thing was just the uncertainty of whether or not we’re going to get filmed again,” the 33-year-old continued.

“We had all these COVID-19 protocols, we took it very seriously, and no one was just going out for a pint once we wrapped,” the actor said of working during the pandemic and the restrictions they had on set.

“It was taken very seriously by all of us.”

So it was a lot more difficult, even when you weren’t on set, because you were away from home for a longer period of time.

“You were just in a hotel for the first three days doing nothing, then filming for however long you wanted to, and then returning to the hotel.”

So, yeah, that was a lot more difficult.”

The Mark Edwards star then went on to talk about filming with Brenda Blethyn and his co-stars.

He claimed it was difficult to even pass a piece of paper to one another because they couldn’t sanitize it.

Riley recalled that “being on set was a lot harder because of the logistics.”

“That was the case.

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