Mark Dolan of GB News takes the Andrew Neil feud to the airwaves in a fiery rant entitled “We Feel Your Pain.”


Mark Dolan of GB News takes the Andrew Neil feud to the airwaves in a fiery rant titled “We Feel Your Pain.”

In a fiery rant on his show, GB NEWS host Mark Dolan took aim at former chairman Andrew Neil.

Mark Dolan mocked the well-known journalist for leaving GB News after only nine episodes and speaking out against the network.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s been extremely difficult without Andrew,” Mr Dolan said.

Yes, our daytime and evening ratings have significantly increased, and we’ve received over a billion online views, but we miss having someone so upbeat and constructive around.

Someone who genuinely believes in the team he helped to form.

“Those talented young journalists and presenters had hoped to have you as a mentor, Andrew, but you taught them a different lesson.”

“Andrew isn’t happy with some of our work, and he’s referred to me as a shock jock.

I was taken aback because I assumed he was the Jock.

Andrew Neil has a bright future ahead of him.

“He could even return to the license-fee-funded BBC, which would be perplexing given that he founded GB News to be anti-woke, but Andrew knows best.”

I just hope he can get through more than nine shows if he returns to the Beeb or that Spectator TV show he watches in his room.

Who can blame him if he doesn’t? He’s only human, after all.

“So, as we navigate our way out of a pandemic and the worst recession in 300 years, please think of Andrew Neil, the former chairman of GB News and presenter for nine days he won’t get back.”

We sympathize with you, Andrew.”

Viewers of GB News were divided on his rant.

“Nice job Mark Dolan,” Alan Henning said on Twitter.

“You got it!

“Of course, Mark Dolan’s feelings were hurt when Neil took a swipe at him,” Matt Gunner added.

Neil left a long time ago, but Dolan has been stewing on it.”

“It’s a shame Andrew Neil left GB News in a cloud of animosity,” John Myles commented.

I’m not sure if it was due to the numerous technical issues, personality issues, or a combination of the two.

GB News, on the other hand, is giving new young presenters a platform and has weathered the storm.”

Mr Neil admitted that becoming the face of was a “huge mistake.”

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